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  1. Hi everybody ! I recently bought a 2015 Taurus SEL AWD. I purchased it from a governement auction, it was used as minister's limo. When I take possession of my car, I noticed the headights won't turn on. The parkings and flashers are ok. I start looking at all the fuses. All is OK. Then I noticed that the headlights are HID/Xenon. I remove the bumper and pull out the headlights. They are OEM headlights, with OSRAM ballast, OSRAM bulbs and they have really the HID projectors. I bought 2 new OSRAM bulb, remplace them, check all the connections from the bulb to the ballast, from the ballast to the headight connector. Everything is secured and not loose. Then I make some tests to the connector that came from the car to the headlights. When I turn my lights on, I got power to 1 pin, then when I turn on the high beams, I heard the sound from the flaps. I also got power to a second pin in the connector. On 2 pins (on each connector) I got no power, so probably just 2 grounds ? I take the car to the dealership, he checks the lights modules with his computer and the module is all good. With the VIN, he can confirm me that this car didn't came originally with HID healights, and confirm to me that the headlights currently on my car are original ford HID lights. I suspect the governement workshop to swap the original headights with ones (my current HID headlights) because they got trouble with them on an other car. So here is my questions : 1. It is the same connector for halogen and HID headlights ? 2. It is possible, because the car didn't came with HID from factory, even if it's the same connector, the HID won't turn on ? 3. If they are supposed to turn on, if it's a ballast issue, how can I confirm this probability without buying an other ballast (really expansive) ? 4. I know on halogen model, if a bulb burn on 1 side, the other side will not turn on too. If it's a ballast issue, will I experience the same issue (1 good ballast won't turn on because there is a bad one on the other side) ? Thanks a lot for your help !
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