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  1. That's a remarkably comprehensive explanation! I thank you sincerely for your post, Spridget!
  2. '99 Mercury Sable Wagon 3.0L DOHC Duratec 24 valve Is there such a thing as a chart or listing showing min and max values for the Mass Air Flow sensor, and the O2 sensors? Thanks
  3. Ahhh... I'm a fool. I found the extended Ford PIDS in the Torque settings as you described. Thanks Sonic. Sadly, my '99 Mercury Sable hasn't the sensor to read the temperature of the transmission. Ford just didn't have a mature enough OBDII implementation in '99.
  4. Hi Sonic, I did my best back then to find the PID, but no joy. Couldn't find it. Were you able to add it? Where would I find it? My search was pretty long and fruitless. If you have the PID numbers would you please grace me with them?
  5. Sonic - Thank you for responding! I must say, I have the paid version of torque, and looked the app over very carefully. Would you kindly tell me where you found it in Torque!
  6. Wolf, you are so right. But the damage has been done. Did I mention that the current transmission is a rebuild just about 6 months past its warranty? The guy that did it won't even return my calls to talk about it. I think he's scared. The car can't seem to hold a cruising speed either in OD or '2'. It shifts up too quickly and then falters in sub 2000 rpms. I have to pump the accelerator to make it drop down to a lower gear, until it gets up to cruising speed, and then feather it with the gas pedal. It reminds me of a car that is flooding with the wrong mixture. Or bad plugs or wi
  7. I was afraid of that. That's why I'm looking for the PIDS to verify it. My transmission is acting funny and I've already replaced it once. Could be heat related. Still looking to see if anyone might be more positive; either through experience, or a solid knowledge of the PIDS made available for my car.
  8. 1999 Mercury Sable wagon, DOHC 24-valve engine. AX4N transmission. Using a Bluetooth OBDII adapter and an android app, I'm trying to determine if my transmission is over heating. But, I'm not sure if Ford built in an OBDII PID to the on board computer monitor the transmission temperature. Is there a list of PIDS for my 1999 sable? I have exhausted all my ideas on where to find such a thing or if there was even a Trans temp PID created for my model?
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