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  1. Well I finally got to do the test on brake switch car still stalled then I disconnected the master cylinder switch still stalled-, I got a different OBD2 scanner w/ live data I'm going to run that as soon I get chance to and post the Data!
  2. I can not find wire diagram for brake circuit if there is any way you be able to get one that would help I'll be checking Boo switch this morning with the fluid sensor and I will let you know the resaults
  3. Yes I did diconnect the brake booster vaccum and blocked vaccum hoses the car still stalls but with this brake booster test it stumble a little then dies, I have to step on brake harder before it dies but it just might be cause of no brake assist?!-I have been checking vaccum hoses and not found any air leaks, I checked ground wires and test most of them to be good, I switch relays to see if any change but nothing, so I don't know what to do from here,until I can get OBD code to come out
  4. I uploaded short video on YouTube under GdragonLucero, 2000 Ford Taurus stalling while in gear while Brake is applied if you would like to see that one
  5. 57636114303__86386D1C-85BA-4ACD-B89F-F68D36537D00.MOV This is the best I can do.I hope it gives you some kind of info
  6. I will try to upload it to YouTube or other site and let you know- I have raised the wheels off the ground so I can look under for loose wiring and test o2 sensers, since I did that I ran car though all gears and wanted you to see what the car does. Hopefully I can get this video uploaded soon
  7. I can not seem to up load video for some reason this site is not letting me see if I can do it this evening I have to redo to 2MB
  8. EXCUSE my narrative of this video but this is what is happening to this car hope I can give you good info with this 2000 ford taurus problrm 2.vpj
  9. Sorry Yes 800 RPMs !! It did not stall from neutral in to drive,I can start it in neutral but as soon as I step on brake it stalls But I went ahead and tried testing fuses and notice that fuse 37 and 38 does not test any voltage on either one with key on,even when I step on brake. Ill do a Booster test to see if any difference with this New booster I put on. One other thing that I noticed on New booster is that when tested before I put it on is that alittle air escaped from the pedal side by shaft that comes out from booster when I push it in by hand right after I turn off vacuum to booster is
  10. The car starts with no problem, at warmup Idle is at 8000 rpm, Car Stalls on all gears when brake is pressed,Yes car will stall when I step on brake as I put it in drive. The car will start up every time right after stall with no problem. I haven't tried to see if put it in drive from neutral with out stepping on brake but I will try that to see if it stalls and ill get back to you! this is happening all the time I can not leave the drive way, it even does it on reverse. THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY, This has really been frustrating !
  11. having trouble with car stalling as I step on brake when put in drive?More than Wellcome to hear any ideas on this problem,I am at a Lose!!
  12. car stalls when put in drive when stepping on brake coming out of idle park,No check engine light comes on. have problems with this car for two months. What I have done to car is put brake booster, front disc brakes,change sparkplugs w/wires,still checking for short in wires!? I am at a Lost here any help will be appreciated !! Thanks!!
  13. I am a DYI, and kind of stubborn,and still Learning.

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