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  1. Lol...Age has certainly taken a toll on ME! Can you guys recommend a good book on Taurus troubleshooting / repair?
  2. OK. I installed a new belt and it seems to have helped a lot. When I rev the engine it doesn't miss until about 4500 rpm. When driving, I can't detect any missing at all. I never would have figured that belt to be causing the problem. It looks great. I clearly have a lot to learn about the Taurus.....Thanks for the help!
  3. This is my first time posting on this site, and I need some expert advice please. My Taurus SE is a 2006 model with 25k actual miles. I haven't had any trouble with it until now. I took it on a 200 mile round trip last week & everything was fine. When I next started to take a ride, I noticed that the engine misses at higher rpm. I discovered it like this. I got out to close my gate & thought I heard a little squeaking from under the hood. I reached in and revved the engine and it starts missing above 3200 rpm. There is no check engine light on. When I attached a code reader it does not indicate a problem. Anybody got any ideas?
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