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  1. What would you estimate shipping to 94603? It would be a PO Box in Oakland, CA.
  2. I'm seeking the aftermarket football to add an aftermarket head unit. I don't need any of the electrical/electronics. I hadn't thought of modifying one. I guess I could acquire one of the EATC footballs as well as one of the aftermarket ones for the 3 dial units, and make the same cut on both. I'd just use the top half of the aftermarket one. I'll have to talk to my radio guy to see what he thinks.
  3. Any luck? Again, I'm looking for one to use an aftermarket head unit with.
  4. I've heard them called the football before. It's just the faceplate that the EATC connects to and covers it and the factory stereo. Like this piece (2nd pic) but made for the electronic climate controls, not the three dials. Is the SHO version the same (98 non-SHO for comparison in 1st pic)?
  5. Yeah, no one makes them anymore, Ford doesn't have any in stock of course, I've checked the JYs, eBay, Amazon, etc. I'm looking for a trim plate for the stereo for a Gen 3 Taurus with EATC. I was considering having it 3D printed, but I've not found anyone who wants to map it. If they took it on I can guess it would be hundreds of dollars for their time. Fair, but out of my price range. As noted in my intro, I've got great ideas but the wallet doesn't match, so I am on a budget. If you've got one, a lead on one, or a suggestion of where to look, let me know. If you're selling, please include a pic or two, any defects, and price and shipping to post office box in Oakland, CA 94603.
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