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  1. You are right. I do a lot of track days in my 911 Turbos S and the car still scares the heel out of me. Even with all my track and track teaching experience I sometimes wonder if the car is beyond my abilities. I do see al lot of guys, young and old, crashing their high performance cars on track days because of lack of skill. I haven't crashed mine but then I'm sometimes too scared to push it to its limits. Maybe the likes of Lewis Hamilton could get the max out of my car, but not me.
  2. Just did a full brake job on the old 95 SHO. The car just keeps chugging along. One of these days I'll get all the body rust fixed. These cars are biodegradable it seems.
  3. Thanks for posting this. Brings back memories. I lived in the UK in the 1970s and knew some of the guys building those cars and, trust me, you really don't want to own them. My dad had a couple of Triumph 2500PI vehicles and a couple of Daimlers and they were all constantly breaking down.
  4. Had my first "leaves me sort of stranded" ever moment with my 97 XJ6. After 18 years of Canadian winters a brake line corroded and leaked fluid on the driveway overnight. Had the car taken on a flatbed to my Jag tech who repaired it for $100 and it's back on the road again.
  5. If you had hit these cars how could you not have been at fault? You are supposed to maintain a safe stopping distance behind other cars and it's YOUR responsibility to be able to stop regardless of how hard the car in front brakes.
  6. You are right Nick. Vandalizing someone's car because they made a mistake is not just not advised, it's criminal. I'm sure each and every one of us have made mistakes and almost caused accidents. To have your car vandalized because some idiot can't control themselves after the fact is, well, uncalled for. Shady ... a pretty stupid and childish thing to do ... Did your mom not chew you out for vandalizing the other car?I can't imagine any decent parent condoning what you did ...
  7. I've had one kidney stone that I painfully passed and a gall bladder attack with a gall stone 1 inch in diameter. The gall bladder attack was way more painful than the kidney stone. Dilauded was my friend for a week. Then my gall bladder was removed and no more pain since then. Tim - hope you're feeling better soon.
  8. Yup. Twin turbocharged IO-550-C. 310hp. 235 kts. 25,000 ft ceiling. Unpressurized.
  9. The allegedly wimpy CRV is probably a better choice than the Escape with the failure-prone transmission.
  10. I suppose it's all what you're used to. After driving my G37X and 911 for several years now even my 1995 SHO feels seriously underpowered. I think I'd find going back to a Vulcan to be, well, unsatisfying.
  11. Indeed. I just took a look at fordfusion.com and there are several threads of complaints regarding this transmission.
  12. I see a red flag here. Why does he suddenly want to sell you the car? I'll bet he's already been paid by his insurance company for it and he knows if he claims the car back he'll have to either repay the insurance company or give them the car. You need to find out if he is still the legal owner of this car (his insurance company might be the owner now) and if he can legally sell it to you. Clearly the guy doesn't want the car back - I'd be asking myself why this is. You may be opening up a can of worms in the legal area with this impulse purchase.
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