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  1. nhyrum

    96 taugus wagon. shift cable broken

    yes, ive got a column shifter. does me having the ax4n and 3.0 vulcan(OHV, not DOHC) matter? i prefer oe new parts. things got 210k on the clock, will likely go another 50-100k with me.
  2. hello. so, the other day my wife was driving her car. put it in reverse to back out of the spot, worked fine, went to put it in drive and nothing(still reverse i assume) put it in park, which it went into. couldnt get it into gear. calls me, i get there and see the linkage is connected to the shifter. put it in drive and pop the hood. manually switched the trans and about ran myself over! used shifter to out it back in park. so, my findings seem to point to a broken cable. im having trouble finding a correct part number. i found one on amazon that is yf1z-7e395-ba. 104 bucks. went to the ford dealer(could have it in the same time as amazon) for 140. how an i fond the correct number(none of the parts stores had the part even in the system
  3. Yep. That was it. 10 amp abs and 5 amp radio, blown. Man I'm thankful for fuses...
  4. Hello all... So, let me preface this by saying, I was a dingus. I was an idiot. I did this, and I knew better.. So, the other day my wife's car was dead(the Taurus) I went to jump it, and, with the cables covering the makings and the posts sprayed with the corrosion stuff, that's RED, I connected the positive to the negative and the negative to the head bolt tab. When that didn't work, I moved the ground to the battery (positive) and well, smoke, sparks, etc. Now. Radio is dead(climate still works, manual controls) can't turn it on, no clock etc. That I noticed right away, along with the abs light. Fast forward to today(the next day) I notice the speedo isn't working. I hear the speedo goes through the radio fuse? Does it possibly go through the radio as well? I checked the fuses under the hood, all look fine. A new radio off eBay is 150 bucks. New factory old stock, in box. The radio was having problems before, ejecting tapes, so it kinda needed replacing anyway. I have the ax4n trans, did a fluid flush(pan drop) a few weeks ago. I don't believe that to be the culprit. Any other ideas?