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  1. BuiltFordTough1993

    Which gen Taurus is the best ??

    Did ya get that Gen 2 running again?
  2. BuiltFordTough1993

    Which gen Taurus is the best ??

    3rd Gen 1996-1999 Taurus/Sable is most ugliest models out of all the generations of the Ford Taurus. My Favorite Generation is 1992-1995 Ford Taurus. The picture bellow of icy snowy slushy dirt road covered very steep hill is what i was stuck at the bottom of trying to get traction to get back up after five tries i got back up that hill had to sit in the car and think of how to pull it off the picture of the looking down the hill i took after getting up it does not do its justice to how steep it really is i gave the car hell flooring it trying to keep traction coming up the hill. After the first few tries my car lost traction and i drifted back down to set up again to attempt the hill the old girl my 1993 Ford Taurus GL 3.8L Essex V6 with AXOD transmission held up well as i put it though hell getting up the hill and i still drive it today as my daily driver.
  3. BuiltFordTough1993

    pushbar and spot lights

    Well a push bar would only come in handy in case hitting a deer running across the road since i live on a mountain surrounded by woods i almost hit a deer once this year😂
  4. BuiltFordTough1993

    What Have You Done To Your Other Vehicle Lately?

    Things you don't think of to grab while at a junkyard i was getting some parts off a 1995 Ford Taurus for my 1993.. Ah after leaving the junkyard it ran though my mind of things i could of used like getting one of the four wheels for a full size spare instead of that small limited use dummy spare.