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  1. Yeah, I don't work on cars....and getting a wrench under the windshield for the bolts on the dash looks like a nearly impossible nightmare. The more I'm reading about these cars I'm really not understand why they were/are so popular. The gas mileage in particular has me stumped. Why would anyone want a mid sized sedan with gas mileage worse than or comparable to most minivans? What am I missing?
  2. Also just noticed the knock seems to pop in and back out....it pops once when turning the wheel in to the turn, and then again when I'm straightening it back out. Hopefully that will be helpful in diagnosing this sound.
  3. Thanks for such a detailed response! Some good news: Took the cars for a once over today by a mechanic and they were able to get the hood open by disconnecting the cable from the latch, and then pulling the cable while having a second person lift up on the hood. Tried it at home and my son and I can open it this way. I wonder if a new cable would fix this issue or if it's something else? The noise when I turn the steering wheel very far is just a one time pop. The mechanic thinks it's the front struts, which I was surprised to hear since I thought it would be a tie rod and had no idea struts could cause a sound when steering. I do have the fold down seats so I'll go have a look for those bolts. I understand a heater core replacement is a very costly job, so I'm hoping a flush will do. Now that I can open the hood I'm ready to tackle that. Where do I begin? Also the car is an 03 but it came with an 02 manual. Is it OK to go by what's in this book? Any differences between the 02 and the 03 I need to be aware of?
  4. I just bought a 2003 Ford Taurus SE with 71,000 miles. I've really never been a Ford fan (mom's Escort rusted through so bad you could put your feet on the road when the car was only 12 years old). I bought this car because I was really in a pinch after my Camry blew a head gasket. The car runs and drives very smoothly however it is definitely making some noises and having some issues that need addressed. I'm looking for advice about what could be causing the following things and/or how to repair them in a cheap and efficient way: A kind of popping/clunking sound when the steering wheel is turned too far in either direction (no hissing). Sounds like it's coming from the front of the car. Read it could be the steering rack or tie rods. Which is most likely or how do I diagnose? The heater blows air only slightly warmer than the outdoor temp (it was around 72 today and the heater felt like it was blowing around 76-80 or possibly less. The car remained VERY cold after a downpour had me soaking wet). The hood release latch does not release the hood. I even pulled on the cable with pliers as hard as I could and it did nothing. I've also stuck a screwdriver in through the grill to try and unlatch it manually but even moving the latch up doesn't do anything. Can someone link me to a video of how to do this on a Taurus? I can't find one for the life of me. The brakes pulse when the pedal is depressed. The previous owner thought the rear passenger strut needed replacing. The car definitely takes even minor bumps very hard and it's noisiest on the rear driver's side. (pretty sure this is just s strut but thought I would list it anyway). The rear driver's window does not go down with either the driver's door controls or the rear driver's passenger seat controls. The seat belt of the rear driver's seat is stuck. Will not extend or retract. I've removed the two pieces of plastic trim on the door and back wall of the car to gain better access but I still can't figure out how to even get a wrench back there to remove it. How do I remove the vertical part of the back seat or that upper shelf part above the trunk to get a better look at it and/or remove it and install a new one? That's all for now, hopefully too many more issues won't crop up! Thanks!
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