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  1. Robinhood81601

    Gen 6 Taurus cyclone engine

    What I plan to do is go to the parts store and have them show me the gasket for both manifolds the Nissan and the Taurus and if they are fairly close I can probably work with them
  2. Hello to anyone who has industry knowledge of the engine that’s in the Ford Taurus. I would like to pose a question, is the cyclone engine that comes in the 2010-up Taurus the 3.5 actually a Nissan engine? The reason I ask is that I was looking for headers for my 2014 Taurus SEL and I stumbled upon a set of headers for the Nissan Altima 3.5 and the flanges look identical to the exhaust manifold on my Taurus SEL. So if anyone can answer this question I would appreciate it because it would create access to a bunch of performance upgrades that as of now we are unable to get like headers thanks