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  1. Im sorry i posted this in the wrong thread
  2. Howdy ya'll, I am interested in buying a Carquest Spark Plug Wire Set for my 2001 Ford Taurus OHV Vulcan - Vin Code: U. Will it be a let down if I use this over Ford Motorcraft? Thanks In Advance, Weston
  3. wean

    EVAP & CAT Issues

    I really appreciate your feedback! I recently cleared the codes because I fixed the IMRC vacuum leaks (thanks to one of the forum posts). Any-hoot, ya'll have a great day.
  4. Hello, I have ran some tests on my 05' Taurus. The specific test i completed was an I/M readiness test. When my results come up, i notice two issues. The EVAP and CAT sensors come back as "Incomplete." I was wondering where I should start to fix these issues. Thanks, Wes
  5. WOW, All I can say is THANK YOU! This post has helped me so much. I did the good ole cigar trick and found this was leaking profusely! Love you my man!