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  1. Hello Everyone, I have a 2004 Ford Taurus SES with DOHC engine and would like to know if the Starter is: Located underneath the battery compartment? If not, where is it located? Can it be accessible fully from the top for replacement? At this point I just would like to reach to the power lines to examine if they are ok. I have seen a couple of clips and one accessed it from the bottom and one from the fender. Can you post any correct clip that does not involve unbolting from the frame? Thank you in advance.
  2. Thank you for the part number info. I found the following video on youtube for Ford Taurus 2000. The stage I am interested in is unplugging the electrical which this video only shows the boot removal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPN_K4yZYh0 I asked a mechanic and he told me that the plug needs to be unscrewed before being unplugged. I would appreciate clarification on this.
  3. One question. The connector (as shown in the attached) is different on the passenger side. How can that be disconnected. Thank you.
  4. Based on my recollection, they looked like Sable 2010 and Villager. They were in their original wrapper. May be they belonged to a collector.
  5. Hello, Recently I saw a truck carrying brand new Mercury cars and was wondering if Ford is considering/experimenting to revive the brand. If so, I guess there are many people looking to buy Mercury, me one of them. Mansour
  6. Thanks. Please also comment on the bolts to be removed. Based on what it looks like, I thought to unbolt 4 bolts that are bolting the hinge to the door and once the door is removed, to unbolt the hinges from the body as the bolts that are bolting the hinges to the body are not easy to access if the door is not removed. If this is correct, I first unbolt the lower 2 and then the upper 2. Also, if you have, please let me know the torque for each of the bolts as I am bolting the new door.
  7. Thank you for this great help. I am attaching the picture from my car. So here is the sequence I am going to do on my car and the car in the junk yard: Remove the Cap on the top and open the bolt Pull Down the connector to disconnect Two question I have. Do I need to cut/remove the tie wrap (please see the picture) Is the passenger front door the same sequence? Please also let me know the bolts etc. to remove to unhinge the door once the electric connection is disconnected. Best regards, Mansour
  8. Hello, I have a Ford Taurus 2004 SES and the passenger front door is damaged and needs to be replaced. I am looking for instructions to do so, specifically for the electrical connection disconnection and re-connection. I have searched the internet looking for video on this and could not find it. Best regards, Mansour
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