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  1. Hmm don't know that the gains are worth the risk...but interesting non the less. Hope it works out.
  2. Good, I like forums like this. I don't like face book. I don't like the idea of a major corporation having most of the public's personal information on their servers. I refuse to add myself to that setup. I don't trust it in the slightest. I like being able to come on and share what I want to share here.
  3. They insured it for 5000 dollars said it was in exceptional shape for year. Depends on what you though is on a classic. I think it is classic in the making. Lots of them are gone according to them. I don't really plan on driving it except to meets. I was told this was ok by my agent.
  4. Boys, it is official. My beloved 87 Taurus has Haggerty Classic Car Insurance coverage effective tomorrow. My application was accepted today. So what does this say for our favorite name plate? A first gen Taurus as far as I know enters into another era. I will be going into the BMV this week and the state will officially recognize the Taurus as a true classic vehicle. A mile stone indeed. What say you? Classic?
  5. Damn if it was April I could do it. I'd drive it. I just don't have any vacation time right now. Unfortunately...
  6. Good that is what I needed to hear. I'm ordering one right now.
  7. My first taurus was a 88 gl I bought for 25 dollars cause the transmission was hitting hard from 1st to 2nd. It had a floor shifter. I drove that car for years like that. Well one time on my way back from Minnesota visiting family the cable for the shifter broke at a rest stop. I had to start the car set the p brake, pop the hood and shift the transmission from under the hood and jump back in. I went to then parkfield Ford by my house in chicago to order the cable. They had to listing for a 88 taurus with a floor shifter. Then began the search for a cable. My dad and I searched for a v
  8. Yeah I tried that but it continues to run. It has to be that box I would assume. I replaced the ect just to try it today. Didn't work..
  9. Yeah it would but I've been searching for a first gen taurus for years and years. I found one and bought it. I really want to hit up a car show with it. I want to hit a car show with like minded people. My mom used to live in Minnesota so I know a little bit around there.
  10. Where do we sign up? Was thinking of a route 66 trip but maybe ill go to this instead.
  11. I moved my 87 today but noticed as soon as I turned the key on the cooling fans kicked on. I did some tooling around and couldn't find the issue. It's not the a.c. parts at all. I'm thinking either the relay box or the ecm. Any ideas?
  12. Yes duratech I'd change it while you can do it and get a good one to.
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