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  1. Actually to my knowledge the check engine light isn't on, so my dad says. And if it is we haven't gotten it hooked up to check codes. He lives about 20 miles from town and is scared to drive it that far. Your probably right about it though and will try to figure out a way to check codes of the light is on. But what if it isn't on because my dad said it is not on and hasn't been since he got the car almost 3 years ago? Thanks for the reply by the way. Much appreciated
  2. My 2001 sable dohc. Few months back the egr valve goes bad. The mechanic just removed it and taped off the hose. It done ok for a while with just some sputtering/ hesitation as I drove. The Other day it ran better than ever. But used a bit more gas than usual. The next day (yesterday) it was horrible I could barley get over 30 mph and barley wants to go. When started today it barley wants to run idles at about 300 rpms. And I've smelled gas while driving this last month just a small hint here and there We suspected some type of leak about 2 months ago but only a few times was there a puddle. The engine area would have a little smoke it looked like exauhst smoke real light white smoke just assumed fluid was getting in it but can't a leak anywhere. My dad drilled holes in the catalytic converter today said ash like substance fell out and looked like burning coals inside it while running. Also a metal looking pipe burning red hot on driver side of enigine area. There hasn't been any maintenence other than Adding oil occasionally. Not changing just adding (it's my dad's car) he's not to good with them kind of things and I'm not the best. Anybody have any ideas? Plz and thank you!!
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