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  1. Yeah, just finished pulling out this line myself. What they always tell you is simply: Replace in opposite order of the way you took it out! You mean, when I replace it, no spitting, cussing, cursing Henry Ford to Hell. And when my wife offers me iced tea in the middle of it, don't scream at her "I should've married your sister!" Because, THAT is opposite of the way I pulled this line out. I bought the 18 mm flare wrench, and good thing cause that sucker was tight. Then (As most wrench sets go from 17-19mm) I used a cheap 19mm that I cut in half to use as a stubby. Just, unlike me, be careful pulling it out, and in the long run I found it easiest to pull the back up out of the tray first, then pried the line from pump down, wiggled it down, while going back to right side and lifting up, back to left side, pull down, so on, until I wiggled it all out. (Had to pull rack side out from under flex houses just by prying it over with big screwdriver from the top.) It was a pain, but would've been easier if I had never just tried pulling on it to start with. Gotta finesse it out. Also to get front tab loose, had to use a wobble-joing with 1/2 inch deep well (Or 13mm) 6 inch extension, at an angle. They put it too close to dang firewall. Gonna go finesse the new one back in now. Better call Flowers.com first and get those on the way for the wife.
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