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  1. 18mm line wrench did it Nick....the stubby sped things up to for sure....rack is out and all without dropping the sub frame. ....i am amazed other forums said it was impossible to take out a sable or taurus rack without the sub frame drop.....hahaha.....thanks to Bull Geek people can save themselves a world of grief.....when i get time im going on those other forums and directing them to this site. ....now all i gotta do is when the new one comes is,clock it/transfer the little relief valve thing/plug the line ports to keep it clean and then wiggle it in place...put the mount bolts back in and tighten down,attach new teflon orings and attach hoses. .......bet thats all gonna be fun ..but hey...i spent $400 on this 2001 sable 120k miles...almost mint...it wouldnt start so they sold it cheap....i lucked out ,it was clogged catalytic converters........i almost was going to roto rooter the cats with a drain snake :),im nuts like that,but i ended up just cutting them out....but i bet it woulda worked :).
  2. thanks for this info Nick!.....really saved me a ton of time trying to get my rack and pinion out without dropping the sub frame.......havent got the rack out just yet but got the shield/the hose clamp bolts out....... power steering lines going to try tomorrow....i gotta research which size wrench to use and go buy it......but thanks again....your guidance saved me hours.sincerely,tom
  3. Bull geek suggested removing wiper arms/upper cowl/wiper motor assembly/lower cowl to undo power steering hoses at the rack and pinion..... well....i was fighting endlessly to remove my rack and pinion without lowering sub frame because of all the horror stories of broken bolts...i was able to get the racks 2 main bolts completely out working from the bottom and thru the wheel wells(took some twisting prying and huffing and puffing). ....my problem was i could not get to the power steering lines or to the power steering hose clamp bolts without lowering the sub frame. .....so thank god i stumbled across Bull Geeks post on going in from the top....plenty of room to reach all the lines and clamp bolts at the rack that way!!! ....havent slid the rack out yet...but it looks like it will go without dropping sub frame...gonna try tomorrow. hope this info helps someone. .......Bull Geek ,you are a wise man!,thx!!!
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