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  1. My 2002 DOHC has 128k miles and has been a great car. About a year ago, it would stumble at idle when the AC was on. Over the last year it progressed so now it stumbles at idle whether AC is on or not. Under acceleration, it now stumbles and feels like a misfire. It only happens when the car is at operating temp. It's NOT affected by rain. I inspected the EGR valve and it closes correctly, nevertheless, I replaced the DPFE and EGR vacuum solenoid & IAC. No change. Plugs are less than 10k old. I just removed the coil and tested the four connection leads for resistance. Using the red lead as positive, all three leads achieve the same impedance. Using an ohm meter, I ohm-ed coil pole to pole and all three had the same resistance with .01 differential. I found no cracks on the coil. Wires ohm-ed ok and so did the plugs. I am about to replace the coil for no good reason. As an after thought, the alt failed on this DOHC and we all know what a lousy project that is. Could I have damaged something getting it in or out? I used the rotation method to remove it. Actually, the first & second replacement rebuilt alts failed too so the vendor suggested I buy a new alt for number three. That's been in there for 3 months so here's hoping. Nevertheless, the alt has been in and out 4 times so perhaps I broke something else. Ideas welcome.
  2. For years my 2002 Taurus Duratec idled too high, and refused to slow down when I took my foot off the gas. Unless I was on the freeway I was constantly riding the brakes. No codes, runs perfect (other than these problems), passes emissions, great performance, good mileage but I must ride the brakes. The rotors eventually warp requiring frequent replacement. Finally, I fixed it. I tried replacing the IAC but that didn't help. The plugs were due for a change and here is what I found & fixed. New XP104 Autolite plugs (obviously). The gap on one of the old ones grew to .71. New gaskets were installed under the airbox (Felpro brand). While the throttle body was out, I operated it in my vise and found crud where the flap closed against the body. Using lots of carb cleaner, I held the flap open and lightly sanded the surface of the throttle body with 220 grit. The crud came off and left a smooth surface. I also lightly sanded the edge of the flap with 220 grit. The throttle shaft was nice and tight so there was no wobble from worn bushings. The plug wires passed the ohm test so nothing was done there. Result? Idle is down to 550 after it's warm and when I take my foot off the gas, it actually slows down. My wife thinks I'm a genius but more importantly, I don't have to buy her a new car.
  3. I found an easier solution. There are many connectors for these radios but for my 2002 Taurus SES with radio and amp in the trunk, the connector signals are as follows. DB/WH (dark blue/white) = Cassette R+ GY = Cassette R- BN/LG (brown/lite green) = Cassette Left + WH/PNK = Cassette Left - On the wiring harness, attach your 3.5mm wires as follows Connect red from the 3.5 to R+ Connect black from the 3.5 to Left + Connect ground from the 3.5 to R- & L- (solder all three together) Cover all connections with heat shrink and when u have it all working, tape over it with aluminum tape to serve as a shield against engine noise. Select cd and insert a working cd into the cd player. The cd will play at the same time as the MP3 source so how do you quiet the CD so the MP3 plays by itself? Simple, record a cd with silence. In other words, burn a cd that contain one 60 min song of silence in audio cd format. How do you create 60 minutes of silence? I used my Logitech camera to create an WMV file, 60 minutes long. I used an video program to separate the video track from the audio track and retain only the audio track. I converted the audio track to mp3 and then used Nero to burn an "audio cd" containing 60 minutes of silence. I tried to attach the silent audio track for those who do not have the software to perform these conversions but this website limits uploads to 1mg. Use whatever software you own to burn an "audio cd" containing a silent song and it will work. The cd will play "silence" and the MP3 player will overpower it.