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  1. Yes we did smoke test as well as spray all gasket areas and vacuum lines with carb cleaner, I did it again at home with brake parts cleaner, no vacuum leaks found. Yes I did check the cruise control cable and it is in perfect condition. i did drive the car in 2nd gear and it still did the same thing so what gear it is in does not seem to have any change, rpm's still hanging at around 1500 to 1800 rpm. Like i said before it seems to do it a lot more when the A/C is on, not sure what the connections is with that.
  2. It showed no DTS codes logged. It used to throw po300 (random misfire) quite often, that is when i replaced the plugs, wires and IAC. Did not change a thing. The plugs had very little wear and were of the proper color, no fouling at all. I then replaced the coil, again no change. Both shops and the Ford dealer put the car on their big expensive scanners and the first shop did drive the car around with his scanner hooked up. none of them could find anything wrong anywhere. The Ford dealer did replace the PCV valve (92000 on the original) and it seemed to help the idle quite a bit and has not
  3. Cool thanks, I will try this before I go to work tomorrow. Will this show something other than what can be seen with a code scanner?
  4. is there a difference between the vehicle speed sensor and the TRS??
  5. No nothing is throwing codes. But I started using the a/c today and noticed the sticking/hanging was a lot worse with the A/C on. Almost every time i came to a stop it was sticking, then I turned the A/C off and it was back to normal, well normal for this car. Not sure what the connection is between the A/C and the sticking idle. Does that give you any ideas as where to look for the problem?
  6. TPS throws a code of P1120, out of range, which 1 parameter it monitors is closed throttle (idle and deceleration) which are what my problems are. i think I will just replace the TPS first as it is only about 40 dollars and pretty simple to replace. Does the TRS throw a code when going bad and is it easy to replace???
  7. I was thinking about the tps as well but the 2 mechanic shops and the Ford dealer all said it would throw a code if it was going bad. What does the tranny range sensor do and how does it work?
  8. The hanging idle is very intermittent you never know when it is going to happen, that is what makes it dangerous. I have not tried driving it in 2nd gear. But when I have to power brake it and not let off the brake it will hang for about 15 to 20 sec then the rpm's drop and the engine shuts off but if I am at a stop sign and am able to let off the brake the car will just take off without me stepping on the gas pedal then the rpm's will just drop to idle after a about 10 seconds then i start driving normal. No one can find any vacuum leaks anywhere and they would probably throw a code for a "l
  9. A lot of times I am driving I will come to a red light or stop sign and take my foot of the gas pedal and hit the brakes the rpm's will stick at around 1200 to 1800 rpms, i have to power brake the car to get it to stop, then after about 10 to 20 seconds the rpms drop and the car shuts off, almost like the tranny is shifting gears. It has also had a bad idle, the plugs, wires, Iac, pcv, coil have been replaced, Also the gasket/o ring at the intake manifold runner has been replaced as has the fuel filter. The throttle body has been removed and totally cleaned. Has been in 2 different shops and t
  10. Anyway you could post a pic of what I should be looking for or where it is at on the engine
  11. 06 Taurus with Vulcan engine, 90k in miles, replaced, plugs, wires, idle air control, coil and fuel filter. Only code i get is PO300, sprayed all around vacuum hoses and intake manifold with no change to engine idle. runs fine under power but idle is not to good, sometimes stalls out but always refires. The original plugs I pulled out were fine with no fouling and minimal wear.
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