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  1. Hey-- I used a drill 'collar'...one of those round steel disks that mounts on a drill bit to limit the drill bits depth. Just make a slit in it for cable access, and press it down on the clip...it compresses the clip and it pops right out.
  2. Not working...but I have an idea. I am going to take a measurement with a caliper of the clip at it's widest. Then I am going to design a tube of wood/hard solid plastic about 1/2-1 inch thick and drill a hole in it a little smaller than widest part of clip. Then, saw an access channel in to the tube so I can insert it onto the throttle cable above the clip, and slowly press it on to the clip forcing it to close on all sides at same time. Once it closes to the correct size, it should slip off the pedal... I hope! I may make a few of them of varies sizes to cover all bases. I will
  3. Will I be able to reinstall it as it is? I see now way to add a new grommet, as it has a lead end.
  4. I am in the process of removing the adjustable brake/gas pedals from my 2003 SES, and have one small hiccup so far. I can't seem to release the throttle cable from the pedal. The pedal has a V shaped channel for the cable and the cable is proteted by several 'sink washer' type small black washers that surround the cable. I can't find a way to slip the cable up out of the V channel. Has anyone removed the throttle cable from the gas pedal? Thanks!
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