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  1. I fixed the issue, replaced the pvc elbow cleaned the gunk with a carb cleaner and replaced the air housing holders. No problems so far even though its smogging a lot more but im sure ill find the reason for that down the road no codes, but I need to purchase a better obd scanner. The cheap one I got off online only gives access to codes, but im good.... 30 dollar repair max, I did go in there and get my hands dirty though.
  2. What I have done is clean the egr valve with cleaner, and I tried to take out the PCV valve and I broke the PCV valve elbow, it was brittle. Is there anything besides that elbow I can replace it with that is not going to get brittle like a heavy duty plastic? Also it seems mechanics broke the Air Filter housing fastener,but if that would be the problem it would of affected me a long time ago. I am so lost on what has to be done, I even checked the "reachable" hoses that move air around. P.S. Angrod, that is a really nice taurus!!
  3. Hi Taurus/Sable Owners, I require your assistance figuring out my 02 Sable OHV problem. It all started after a snow storm I was driving and pulled over to clean a car as a favor, When I turned on the car it was really rough, I drove it like that back home and few days later went to the mechanic [Mechanic said code P0302] (It was inactive till it went to the mechanic). The mechanic changed the Coil Pack, and I drove it back home but it had a similar issue, while driving I noticed it didn't exactly stop at the stop signs it hesitates jerks forward (brakes try to hold it) and if I let go of the brake it moves by itself going to about 15-20 mph. Now parked in a spot if I turn it on, on Park it goes to 2000RPM same in OD and Drive, yet in Reverse it drops to 1000 RPM. I really need a cheap fix for the problem, no cash atm for mechanic.
  4. The story of how I purchased the car is rather weak. First, I had no knowledge at the time of what it would cost of pieces or metal work. Ended up buying a $500 Mercury Sable GS, BUT it needed some work. I had to purchase the shocks,ball joints, lights, brakes, power steering, wheels, grill mounting, "wheel caps", ds quarter panel, fender, hood and trunk (I think that covers what I can remember).That's why I originally posted "the decrepid", I would love to get some thing added on to the car such as exhaust, new molding/trim, keypad on the door, possibly full out led lights and the paint job for the JY parts and finally then I guess I can be happy.
  5. Hi there, I am new to these forums, I bought a decrepit 2002 Mercury Sable GS that I am trying to restore to its former glory(and use as my daily ride). I joined to find out more about 4th Generation Mercury Sables and trying to do a little bit of "DIY" on the rest of the fix. Just wanted to introduce myself before I start asking questions.