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  1. head studes

    O.K , thanks Rohand901. he was the other vender that i was talking about . i called ARP and told me to get the size and let them know . that way they can sell me a set . i got the ARP mains from him for about $275 . when they showed up i got the part number and called them and told me that they could have sold them to me for about $100 . so know im trying to do my own thing . thanks for the advice . when my motor is done i will post a video . just waiting on my forged pistons from JE . i should get them next friday .after that all i have to do is balance the crank and put it together .
  2. head studes

    dose anyone know where to get ARP head studeds for a V6 3.0L OHV vulcan ????? i found some , but it is through a 3rd party . he wants too much . im needing a part number . im doing a build that needs them .. they are pertty much the last part that im lacking to finsh the engine.. the only other part that im waiting on is the pistons , but they are being made at the moment .. any help would be great ... thanks