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  1. So I bent the in-rad trans cooler lines so badly that I couldn't use them again (and anger had a bit to do with it), so I installed an out-board aftermarket Hayden cooler and just cut the metal lines off at the transmission and plumbed it in there. Filled it with coolant, boosted and started it and confirmed my trans oil level was ok - wasps made a nest inside the wheel-well where the fuel cap is - I got stung 6 times. Squirels had made a nest behind the engine as well, on top of the exhaust sytem - had a small fire, put it out before any real damage occured. Pulling the airbag control module fuse elliminated the annoying beep that accompanied the trouble code, but the dashboard light still flashes a code - I can live with that for now. I just need to do the headliner, fix the two rear window motor/wiring issues so they roll up/down, repair the ripped leather seat and install a block heater. Oh, and the A/C doesn't cool any more, I don't know if its a compressor problem, a pressure problem, an ambient temperature sensor problem or a refridgerant level problem - but that doesn't matter.
  2. It's getting to be time to pull this car out of storage, I don't have any issues doing the cooling fan/shroud now - it's a no-brainer. However, the rad developed a leak at the end of the driving season last year, I bought a new rad (Spectre brand) and will be installing it the same time as the shroud and fan. Hopefully this is the only spot I'm still losing coolant from. This new rad came with new barbed fittings for the trans oil coooler inlet and outlet, the old one looks like it has Ford's quick-detach fittings. I'm thinking my best bet is to buy some trans cooler hose, cut the factory quick connectors off with a hose cutter and extend them to use the barbed fittings with the new sections of hoses. I'm going to buy the hose stock, but won't be able to measure the size of hose I need. Does anyone know the OD of the stock lines so I can buy hoses and clamps to go over them?
  3. Ocelot10

    "The Red Turd"; Dan's 2006 Taurus MTX

    switchback Halo's too?
  4. 1995 SE, body coloured bumper cover. My bicycle fell over, the handlebar punched through the bumper cover behind the right-rear wheel well right on top of the beltline where it meets the body. I have all of the broken bits to make a complete puzzle, Can someone tell me which, below, is the make-up of the plastic in the bumper cover? TPO - Sands in chunks, melts like butter with high speed grinders, feels like wax and gets stringy when hot. Thermo-Set - Flexible or Rigid, sands powdery, does not melt with high speed grinders and easy to repair. SMC- Sheet molded Compound - New Corvettes have it and looks like fiberglass with white powder. We will cover SMC in another article. Poly propylene - RV Water Tanks, Dirt Bike Fenders - Not recommended for repairing or painting.
  5. this looks really good. here in Manitoba, Canada, we need to have an amber reflector facing sideways too (no clears alone). Do your lights alternate between white and amber when they flash, or is it amber/off/amber/off... when you put on a turn signal?
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    Aftermarket Steering Wheel

    Sometimes it can be impossible to switch back after an accident though.
  7. Ocelot10

    Louis Vuitton Edition Lexus for sale

    ?Isn't an ES 300 just a leathered up Camry ? And if so, isn't this car just a dealer decaled mak-tak jazz package?
  8. I drove the 120 km to where the car is stored, dropped the new radiator and the salvaged cooling fan off and looked under the rad cap. The coolant level was right at the correct amount ( no evidence of gasses in the rad pushing the coolant out, Very unlikely I have a failed head gasket now.) think I'm in good shape as far as the cooling system goes now. I spoke to a trusted transmission shop familier with the ax4n, he said not to bother with the pan drop/oil change as I'm describing a very likely servo issue - he can confirm it and do a filter/oil change at that time. He asked if the car has a trailer hitch, when I told him "no", he said it's very unlikely I have a completely failing transmission of the car only has 100k miles on it and it's never pulled a trailer.
  9. I brought home a cooling fan/shroud/motor that runs and doesn't grind - 45 dollars at a not-so local pick-a-part (huge yard, muddy, over 1000 cars inside). I needed to walk half a mile, 'cause no personal vehicles allowed. They even had a '93 in Electric Current Red with an in-tact rear bumper cover. and a blue '95 SE with "ok" discoballs. I also got a brand-new Spectra Radiator for 100 dollars - no taxes. Now to find out what frost plug (Casting plug, I know) to remove for the block heater. Hopefully no more coolant loss after this, I'm gonna scream if I have to do a head gasket or timing cover gasket - but I'm gonna re-iterate I have no visible white smoke in the exhaust and now chocolate milk in the engine oil.
  10. I found out that a 1993 3.0 liter has a different fan connector than my 95 today. I put the 95 into storage till april, I can start looking for a few more parts at my own leisure now. I'm seriously hoping I don't have a head gasket problem. (worrying about the coolant loss).
  11. just caught up with this thread - she's a beauty. my 2000 doesn't have leather. (But it does have a cassette deck EATC).
  12. I can't edit the above, so here's the photos: Plus, my existing shroud has a tab for a mounting bolt on the side as shown - my rad doesn't have tha bolt, only the one on the top....
  13. My existing motor has this connector, and it's shaft has two flat edges that accommodate a washer/lock assembly. The ones on the Internet may have the same connectors but it looks like the shafts are completely round, are cross-drilled and have a shear pin driven through them.
  14. Thanks, got the heater hose fixed by using 3/4" hose from thermostat housing connector to a 3/4 to 5/8 adapter, then I used a baby vise style tubing cutter to cut the crimp connector off the metal tube. I also replaced the radiator cap with a new one. Now that the cooling system can pressurized properly, I have a tiny radiator leak on the tank just above the drain petcock. I'm trying to find a fan motor now, mine is now seized up tight, front fan motor bearing carrier has its "balls" showing, and spiral metal flakes coming out of it. I'd like to find an affordable motor by itself, but it's tough to find. All the salvage yards either have a single speed motor assy or a dual fan set up. In the meantime, the car is being put storage tomorrow.