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  1. I've been researching the Taurus brake system. When I replaced my rear struts, I failed to disconnect my Brake Pressure Control Valve, that is connected to the left rear control arm. It's a proportioning valve. Neither of my manuals discuss how this valve works. I suspect that I have done something to this valve or to the adjustment of this valve, when I removed and replaced my left rear strut. Has anyone damaged one of these valves while replacing a rear strut? Can anyone tell me what happens when the Brake Pressure Control Valve fails? Does anyone know how it works?
  2. Ok, here is an update on my brake problems......... The ABS sensor problem is fixed. The problem was that I had failed to reinstall the right front sensor correctly. It was very slightly cocked in the lower control arm, so that it was not fully installed. It wasn't straight and not close enough to the trigger wheel. I was checking the distances between the front sensors and the trigger wheels for comparison, when I saw the problem. I pulled the right sensor out, reinstalled and bolted it back in. Success!! But my left rear caliper problem is NOT Solved. My brakes worked perfectly b
  3. Just a thought for anyone who owns a Taurus or Sable who thinks that he might someday replace the struts....Remove the pinch bolts and slather them with never seize as soon as you get the car. As many of you most certainly know, if a pinch bolt breaks, the strut replacement job becomes MUCH MORE DIFFICULT. The last time I broke a pinch bolt, I had to remove the lower control arm with the strut and drill it out. I replaced the OEM pinch bolt with longer grade 8 bolt and put a nut on the other side. But the job took days, instead of hours.
  4. Dear Taurus & Sable Owner's Club: This is my first posting and I'm delighted to learn about this club. I've owned seven Taurus or Sable cars over the years and loved them all. I now have a beautiful 1992 LX with a 3.8 and four wheel disc brakes. My wife said that she would never ride in an old Taurus if I bought one, but she has since relented. I'm the second owner of this car and it has less than 40K on the odometer. I have done a lot of work on this car over the last four years, especially this year. I have two problems that I want to ask members about. While installi
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