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  1. Haven't done much to any of our vehicles because of our weather. Between the heat, humidity, and rain it has been hard to even get in a hand wash. Hope we can get some calm weather so I can get our vehicles cleaned and detailed....
  2. Just got the thumbs up as a new member...looks like this chapter has not been very active, but it was at this year's Ford Nationals. Just wondering if there are any events planned in the near future?
  3. This is a good review of Adam's products, but I have to disagree with your contention that Adam's is expensive. After using Adam's for many years, I have discovered the following: 1.) Adam's is much easier to apply and remove than most other products so it saves a lot of elbow grease. 2.) After your first detail with Adam's, you use a lot less product to do your vehicle than anything I have tried, hence it lasts longer and goes further, making the initial cost lower because of using less product per application.
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