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  1. Ok, so I did this several times. Can't seem to get the air out. Fluid in the Res is still foamy. Also when the wheels are on the ground. I get nothing from power steering at all. No sounds or anything . wheels will not turn.
  2. on the part where i turn the wheels, should i do this with them on or off the ground?
  3. so recently my A/C compressor locked up and needed to be taken out. since i had to take the radiotor out to get to the compressor, i had to disconnect the power steering line that runs throught the radiator housing and in front of the condensor and drain a little of the PS fluid. i got it all back together, topped of fluids and everything seems find. but i noticed a very sublte rattle/grinding noise from the PS pump. mind you, ive never had an issue from PS before, no noises or whining or trouble turning. when i got to drive it, the PS is whining and its pretty stubborn to turn, but still working. i get it back home and check, check, re-check, check and re-check my checks that everything is hooked up they way it should. i get the wheels off the ground and turn the wheel back and forth a few times. put it back on the ground. and now, no power steering at all. no whining, no noise, no turn. any ideas what the hell happen to my power steering??? the only thing i touched with it was draining a little fluid from it and re-adding it. is there maybe an electrical connection for it somewhere around the compressor that maybe i missed? im so confused.
  4. i think you guys are misunderstanding lol. i know its supposed to do this. the reason i was pointing it out is because when i click the passenger button, there is no dimming lights, therefore no power to the window. ive checked where chart pointed out. no broken wires that i can find.
  5. i havnt figured this out yet. ( havnt really looked into it lol ) what i meant by the lights dimming was, when i press any other window button, all the lights on the car dim a little. like a power drain or something due to the power being distributed to the window. what i noticed is, when i press the passenger window button. the vehicle lights do not dim. nor do i hear any sort of relay click or other such noise. i havnt found any broken wires and the connections are solid. i dont know whats what with motor on the window or anything like that to test voltage etc.. if someone could help me to find a related wiring diagram, that'd be awesome.
  6. finally got the eibachs put on.... well, on the front... the back will get done as soon as the weather clears up. now to figure out why something on the suspension started clunking. also, some new (used) micheline energy tires.
  7. ahh, i see. well that sucks. i live with a family member and the ISP is in their name, therefore they use that address. i will see if i have e-mail options through my web host and use that. but i dont think i paid for e-mail hosting.
  8. lol, a paid e-mail account? why would i ever pay for e-mail? and why are 'free' e-mails banned? ive never encountered such a situation in all my years of internet experiences.
  9. IMO gunmetal gray will look best with the silver. by trim, do you mean the lip? if so.. maybe with a chrome lip.
  10. looks awesome. i have def been wanting to go all white with mine for a while. i put some strips that were labelled as 'white' under the seats, but turned out being blue now figure out how to make the lights in the ICP white and will PAY you for that lol. i also would like the door switches to be white.
  11. ha, well i tried to join SHOForum. but it told me my e-mail was banned. inspection wont be a problem. here they just check lights, windows, and tires.
  12. i love this look. its so chill. in that pic is the dome light on? if so, what bulb are you using in there?
  13. so i havnt been around here much, and also hadn't shown much love to the jag lately. since ive been between jobs and life has been so hectic lately, you know how it goes.. ive even thought about selling it recently. (again) but since i now have the ranger and mostly use it as my DD. and have found employment. i have an overwhelming desire to overhaul this thing. ive wanted to do a 3.2/MTX swap for a while and have talked a bit about it with Vash. and he seemed to have some good info on the project. i just dont want to bombard him with questions over messenger all the time lol. that being said, ive never done any kind of engine swap, or any serious engine work. but thats not to say i cant figure it out once i get my hands on it and start doing it. im just wondering if you guys have any information to throw at me on the project... any serious problems i may run into. with mounts, axles, computer, parts i may need, parts i may to pay extra attention to with this engine. or just some things to keep in mind. seems to me i will get the most fun out of the MTX conversion part of it. ive been keeping my eyes open for a donor car. ive seen engines with transaxle for about $1000 but im not sure what would be a fair price on either a car or engine. i know this has been done before, i just havnt been able to find any solid info on that project. i have made up my mind, and i am determined to make this happen at all cost, even if it takes a year or two. so hopefully this can be an ongoing thread with information on the project. with help from you guys of course.
  14. who wants to move down south for a bit and help with my 3.2 + manual swap in my g4? =D

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    2. Jeff


      memphis is a scary place! lol...I live close by, but I lack the required skill set to help you accomplish your goal.

    3. Shade


      well i had to put a vulcan into my ride with no experience... how hard could it be? @famouslastwords

    4. tehrookie


      i imagine it will be a little more difficult than a vulcan swap lol.

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