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  1. Well, the SHO is out of commission for 2 weeks. While at a car wash on Saturday, it ripped the SHO emblem off the front and beat the side of the car with it. Dents, chips, deep scratches, you name it. Even got the trunk lid and the car behind me before it got dislodged. The car wash is paying for everything, including the rental up to $60/day. I found that with my corporate discount I was able to get a 4-Runner for $55/day, so of course I picked that. Imagine my surprise when they told me that the body on frame, 4WD vehicle I had selected had been replaced with "or similar". A 4CYL NA Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. I'm calling Hertz locations around Cola to see if I can swap with an actual 4-Runner. Update: No one has a 4-Runner. But I did manage to bag me a Pathfinder! At least that has a V6
  2. Dude right? I didn't even get 6 hours after I washed my car before it was green.
  3. That's something I want to do to the SHO. It has a BOV Recirculation system that vents it back into the intake. Which doesn't make nearly enough noise. If you take the hose off and cap the piece that runs back into the intake then you can hear them!
  4. What night is the Bonfire, Saturday? Also, there is a car meet Saturday night if the Bonfire isn't that night if we wanted to roll up (to use the vernacular) https://www.facebook.com/events/1414120115276870/
  5. Just because its a 93 tune does not mean its pushing the motor to its breaking point. It just makes the car be what it should have been from the factory. You can also specify what you want from the tuner in terms of tunes. You can get a 93 tune that has a bit more mid-range so it'll pass better, and a bit more top end (because why not) and you'll average better mileage as well. Plus, if you do tune only there is no way you're coming close to pushing the turbo to its limit. The stock MAP can't read that high.
  6. Nice choice! Does the tech pack come with the adaptive cruse? The lane keep assist on those are fun: I had one as a loaner when the 2011 was getting its front hubs replaced. A really fun game to play on an empty highway is see who chickens out first and pulls back into the lane, you or the car. Those 1.5's are punchy in the mid-range and get good economy as well!
  7. So, I did some logging and 4 revisions later Torrie eliminated a strange thing in my tune where if the Boost was higher than the current 2 bar could read, it would run lean. So 4 revisions later we came up with this. I've attached the log which is a .csv and has all the data in it. Boosted launch and run up to about 70 and then let off the gas. 3-Bar comes Monday, it's fast now but should be amazing afterwords. ChrisLog4.csv
  8. So I got the SHO re-tuned. The first one was fast, but far to aggressive and had some issues. Like, choppy boost, RPM jumping, and a wonderful thing where when slowing down occasionally it would surge forward and do 600-1500 rpm and jump like that until I put it in neutral. So I went out and bought an Unleashed tune. Torrie was responsive, and seems to give me the Jekyll-Hyde tune that I had really wanted. Still as fast at WOT. Stay tuned for the 3-BAR, coming soon to ricer spankings near you!
  9. Or Battery terminals. My old '97 died one day, complete no power. Then it just started right back up again. Made it about half a mile and dead. Ended up replacing the battery terminals by the side of the road and all was well!
  10. That is a name I haven't heard since the 90's! Are they still quality items? Both cars are looking great!
  11. This is going to be a big one!
  12. It's a huge difference. Both ECU and TCU changes really change the cars character
  13. Custom order? Trust me, that 3.5TT is worth it. Even if you keep it stock, it's still worth it.
  14. Ecoboost! Ecoboost! Because who doesn't want a brick that will run 12.6 in the quarter mile with a tune