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  1. Damn! See you all in the spring!
  2. I understand! I was over the infrastructure for 3 sites, and then the global Citrix environment, and then they threw the design and implementation of a new production machine on top of my responsibilities. I was working 60+ hour weeks, commuting 94 miles a day and when I asked for some help they flat out told me no. I'm going to work for a MSP, and I'm very excited about it!
  3. Following in the footsteps of @TaurusKev I handed in my resignation letter - last day is September 8th at the current job! Very excited, my new commute is 5 miles round trip!
  4. I'll be interested to find out
  5. Congrats! Where are you headed?
  6. I'll be interested to know what that does for MPG's
  7. So, when does it get tuned?
  8. Well the truck is officially registered in my name. I may (or may not) have driven around on the previous owners plates for 3 months... I also found out that SC has a fee for registering past 45 days
  9. https://columbia.craigslist.org/cto/d/rolls-royce-phantom-kit-car/6198362664.html Someone needs to put this poor thing out of its misery.
  10. They brought me one of the pads to show me, I wish I had taken a picture. There was a corner of the pad, about a half an inch long that was missing from the one he showed me. He said he'd never seen anything like it.
  11. On Thursday I was caning through some back roads in the SHO on the way home from work, upon braking from high speeds there was a small shudder and I thought nothing of it. As I continued the high speed braking the brakes got a bit softer, and once again I thought nothing of it. The final time I did it, the car started shaking violently and stunk of hot brakes. So I brought my tomfoolery to an end for the day and cruised back on home. But the hard shake was still occurring. So, it needed an oil change anyway so I brought it into the dealer and had them take a look. I get a call from them about 30 minutes later telling me that the rear rotors had heavy scoring in them and the rear pads had pieces missing out of them. Well then. I now have freshly machined rotors and new rear pads - and surprise surprise, the car stops wonderfully now
  12. Was it deep blue? I saw a deep blue Town Car and wondered if it was yours
  13. So shocker: a GM product is having electrical issues. The truck tried to light itself on fire. The speed control for the blower motor got too hot to touch and starting pouring smoke. Wires melted on the back of it, so I cut it off and took it to the parts store and put an aftermarket one in. Well, that must have done something to the climate control which is now on the fritz. A/C cuts in and out, if I jiggle the button I can make it work until the next bump when it promptly cuts back off again. Looks like I'm off to Pull-A-Part then.
  14. So for good measure I pulled the compressor while I was in there. Glad I did. Looks like it blew up So I bought a new one, stuck it on and had the shop fill it back up again. Now I hopefully should be good for a while!