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  1. Thats.. disappointing compared to the Euro one:
  2. OBD2: Accord Wagon or Camry wagon. Non-OBD: Tercel wagon
  3. Backstreets back, alright Took a lame ass picture of the current driveway this morning as well
  4. Supposed to get the SHO back Friday but got a notice that it would now be Monday. Well here is today's update: ...I might not get it back today EDIT: Just talked to the body shop: Needed a Radiator and Radiator support as well. God Damn, that was a big turkey.
  5. Cap and rotor today - truck runs like a damned top now. No codes, no buck, no hesitation One last problem to address: A/C. Compressor attempts to engage. Then grinds and stops. I can spin the clutch and watch it start to spin, but when I manually turn it it seems to turn pretty freely. Might just be worth it to get a new compressor. Never done one, and don't know how to collect the R-134 so I may have someone do it. We'll see
  6. Truck came home today! Really was struggling up the hills. Shaking like crazy, no CEL though. Found my ELM327 and plugged it in anyway, which showed me that the CEL should have been on. Cyl 4 misfire. Did coil and plug on 4 and it ran better, for like 10 minutes. Then it started idling super rough and surging. So I did the rest of the 7 plugs and wires. Still did it a bit, so I replaced the battery (after also having trouble starting). Thing runs like a top while moving now and still kicks at idle, albeit MUCH less. Hoping cap and rotor will take care of that tomorrow. MAN this thing is easy to work on. SO MUCH ROOM, I sat in the engine bay with the intake removed for a little while today
  7. I will give the Fusion Hybrid some credit. I've been beating the SHIT out of it and try as I might I'm still averaging 36mpg. I have no idea how It's quite comfortable, and is chill at 100. My only complaint are the low rolling resistance tires means that it under steers pretty bad. Combine that with high torque from 0 rpm with the electric motor and you can roast those bad boys easy!
  8. Doesn't it? it'll fit right in in the country haha Thanks! You're on! As soon as I figure out why it hesitates on tip-in and idles rough. Thinking bad gas, it did sit for 8 months. Dat low end torque! Also, if you ever need a truck you're more than welcome to borrow it!
  9. Well, I did it. I bought a truck. I was trying to find something for under $1k and kept finding trash, either with the truck or the sellers. So I relented and upped my budget to $1500 and came across this: 1997 GMC 2500, 3.43 HD rear, 350 Vortech engine. 110K miles on the engine, 50k miles on the transmission, 354k miles on the body. From the bed forward, this thing is fucking mint. But the bed is pretty beat up, which is fine. It is a truck... So, Lemons tow vehicle?
  10. Man, the PNW is so pretty.
  11. https://greenville.craigslist.org/cto/6123597630.html Anyone want it?
  12. I've already killed the "Tree" I'll see if it just catches on fire
  13. My thoughts exactly. I spent about 5 minutes looking for a setting in a menu to turn it off. Couldn't find one - I think its permanent
  14. So Nationwide has an online tool thing which allows me to scrutinize the whole thing start to finish. This was todays update: ...That radiator does look bent. We'll see what they say.