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  1. Well, I finally found a serious buyer and we took the car to get safety tested which is required for a new owner to register. They said an engine mount was bad and that it would cost $3000 to fix apparently. This was a complete shock to me. So basically the car is headed to the crush. My birthday is in a few weeks which would mean I'd have to pay another $98 to renew the registration and I won't be doing that! Sorry old gal...
  2. Exactly. Every model looking different/unique is actually looked down upon. I used to follow Lexus 15 years ago and that was always the complaint of every auto journalist since they were all just rebadged Toyota's in Japan. Now they all look the same and suddenly Lexus is one of the top luxury makes. Nowadays the big grill look is in. Back in the 80s/90s the no grill look was in and that was partially ushered in by the Taurus. That picture of the lineup circa 2005 or so was from the dark ages of Ford. There was no cohesive design/direction and that led to terrible sales which prompted them
  3. Ya mine has the AX4N. Still shifts smooth as butter.
  4. I don't know how to do that fancy thing where you put the Youtube thing right in the message but: https://youtu.be/OojQlgFo7dM
  5. Steeda has a CAI that I was looking at. There's a video on Youtube that compares how noisy the 2.0 EB is with the air filter removed. Apparently they designed it to muffle a lot of the noise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pZ5RX_RZJA The ass in the car is just fine. I get excellent visibility out of the rear window which the same can't be said of the newer Taurus. But the driving position is a lot higher than the pre gen 5 Tauruses! And Chrysler was/is pretty bad at battery placement. Ask my dad about his '99 Concorde and the VERY first thing he will talk about is the placement o
  6. All the Fusions have had the batteries like that I believe. At least the V6 ones. I think you probably have to take out the air filter box first... But it's in an OK spot compared to some other cars nowadays...
  7. One of the mods I plan on doing is buying a strut kit from Steeda. I got into an argument with someone on a Fusion forum because he thought prop rods were great and I was bashing them. And I've taken the cover off before and there's quite a bit of sound insulation under it. It's a typical whiny 4 cylinder engine. Sounds much better on premium gas though I've discovered... It's insane. When I pulled the Taurus into the garage to take that picture, I looked over and my head was even with the belt line on the Fusion lol. Didn't realize I sat that low in the Taurus!
  8. Today, April 3rd 2015, marks the 16th birthday of my Taurus. To celebrate, I washed her, vacuumed her, armor all'd the dash and bought her a half a tank of premium gas. Took some pictures too. The carpet looked so clean I had to take a picture of it: Last week I took more pictures of her next to younger sister who turns 1 year old tomorrow, April 4th 2015. Really coincidental that their dates of assembly were so close together. Thanks for your indulgence!
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/s/2016-ford-taurus-confirmed-2015-shanghai-auto-show-090000656.html :party: :party: :party: :party: :party:
  10. Is that a recent picture? Looks like summertime down there...
  11. Put some "truck nuts" on it and make it a Grandpa looking car!
  12. Mod #2 today. Removed the dealer plaque! Heat gun and some dental floss.
  13. Did my first mod to the Fusion today.. Peeled off the gross stickers that were on the windows! This one really annoyed me the most: Since I live in Canada, they put bilingual "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" stickers on the passenger windows. Ah, much better: Not much else I can do until spring! Oh, I should probably mention I used a hair dryer to peel them off and then some "Goo Gone" to get the glue off. The glue on the French sticker really stunk something terrible! Wasn't expecting that.
  14. Well that would certainly solve my problem of what to do with the Taurus lol.
  15. I finally got around to taking pictures of the 2 cars together: Amazing how similar the Toreador Red is to the Ruby Red! Just for the record, the Fusion is 2 inches narrower and 6 inches shorter than the Taurus but you'd think they were the exact same by the look.
  16. And I bet you have the speeding tickets to prove it!
  17. I calculated my first MPG with my second tank of gas on my Fusion. Got 19.25 combined :S I guess that was with a lot of idling... I decided to fill up with Shell V Power (supreme) and added a Lucas fuel system cleaner. Apparently these GDI engines get dirty and I'm sure the previous owner never did it so... Hopefully with a clean engine my mileage will increase!
  18. Couldn't resist posting a picture of my quad tail lamps! I'm a big fan of increasing visibility. Don't get the people who want to reduce visibility with NightShade or cheap LED bulbs.
  19. Ahhh I like that trick with the rear lights... Do you plan on doing the mod where you add a running light?
  20. I had mine replaced at the Ford dealer maybe 5 years ago. Wasn't terribly expensive... Maybe $60. Well worth it I think.
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