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  1. Very nice. With my car, I sniped the wires for the "only brake lights" lights and jumpered them to the turn signal/brake light wires. So all 4 lights were turn signals and brake lights.
  2. If it was a G3 sedan and a G3 wagon, I'd say they use the same MFS. Since it's a Gen 4... The wagon had the split turn signals/brakes, while the sedan had all in ones...
  3. Very nice. If you bought it from a Ford dealer, I'd make them supply a manual!
  4. My ideal fleet would be 1 wagon lol. Be it a Focus of a Fusion. An ST variant wagon like they have in Europe might be nice too! The China Taurus is essentially a Fusion. If they wanted to bring it over here, they'd just toss a 2.0L Ecoboost in it as the standard engine and probably the corporate 3.5L normally aspirated V6. Both of these engines are available in the current Taurus, as well as countless other Fords. I don't think passing North American emissions would be much of a problem. The main hope for the China Taurus over here is the new Continental. They are essentially the
  5. Nice write up, but I doubt they would put the 2.7 EB in the Taurus with just the 2.3 EB in the Mustang. It would probably be too close to the SHO.
  6. How long do you plan on keeping the car? You could probably buy the 5 regular 167 bulbs for cost of 1 LED.
  7. I don't know what kind of Ford you have with MFT, but my Fusion with the 2 LCDs in the instrument panel show the progress bar when selected to the "Entertainment" screen. Also, I have kind of a random question, for any G2 owners, I was thinking about my old 93 Taurus today and I remembered how it had a separate trunk key. I remember that key could also be used to lock out the interior trunk release control. What I forget though, is if that lock on the floor was on, did that also lock out the fuel door lever or just the trunk one? Much appreciation!
  8. Haven't posted any pics of the new car since the winter so... Today I got her all nice and clean: I just polished and waxed the hood last week. Same with the trunk lid. Will have to do the rest of the car sometime. Already did the whole car back in the spring but it's time for a summer wax.
  9. I had a Scoche too. Worked well for a few years. Then I replaced it with a cassette adapter which worked much better and required no power source.
  10. I was just thinking about that new Jurassic World movie the other day... Wouldn't it be cool to just do a movie where everything at the dinosaur park worked and nothing went wrong? We've seen the dinosaurs escaping and killing everyone before!
  11. What's a camper special mean? It was built to have one of those camper things in the back?
  12. I have a feeling they only jumped one but used 2 cameras at different angles giving the illusion of having done 2 jumps... The wonders of editing!
  13. And all the blood splattered over the head lights... That bastard! Just thinking about it, that could have been supercharged Essex vs normally aspirated Essex! lol
  14. Was surfing around the Youtubes and found this cool movie chase from the movie Jade. Features a G2 Taurus (pursuer) and a Thunder bird (pursuee). The Taurus gets some serious air time!
  15. Took the car down to the auto wrecker's today. Was very sad, but it was time. 8 years of memories with this car. Car had 168000 kms when I bought it which means I put almost exactly 90000 kms on it. Here is the very first picture of the car I ever took. It was taken before I actually owned it. The auto wrecker I took it to today was the same place that I actually bought it from. They let me take it for a weekend test drive and needless to say I fell in love. Who knows where she'll wind up next.
  16. Well, it's Ontario specifically. Apparently there's a leak in the exhaust manifold too or something. And all the rust on the rocker panels they mentioned too. You can sell a "fixer uper" to someone but you just can't register it to drive on the road until it passes a safety inspection.
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