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  1. Was he wearing that stupid Ford vest thing? lol. He's got good access to the cars since he's a salesman and he usually does fairly thorough "reviews" so that I like. It's nice to just see what's new. But yea, it's always funny when he says something wrong, but then there's text over the video that says "this is what I really meant to say...". I'm currently in a comment war on Youtube with some asshat who agrees with him that it's Taurus "Show". My latest comment is that it's not a Chevy Impala "SShhh" or a "Mercedes Ammgee". I grow weary of that argument so I don't think I'm going to
  2. Couldn't agree with you more. He's the poster boy for slimey "used car" salesman. No offense to any reputable used car salesmen. Will say anything to get someone to buy a car from him. My hobby is pointing out where he is wrong in his various reviews. He thinks that halogen projectors are "HIDs".
  3. Question: We are all agreed it is pronounced S-H-O and not "Show" right? This guy seems to disagree:
  4. Wow this is an old thread. I had the exact same break as in the OP. I just went to Canadian Tire and they had like "universal fit" rubber tubing. It was slightly larger than the OEM stuff. It was rubber so I just cut a short piece and bridged the hoses. Worked really great.
  5. Probably the one that started it all, ie the G1. Looks wise, I think the G2. Was a very handsome looking car! Really cemented the Taurus in the American psyche I think.
  6. Usually when people debadge a car it's not so they can make room for more badges, haha. Also, he took the "Taurus" badge off, but then has a license plate that says "Taurus". I'm just teasing Sean. What's the airbag thing you mentioned!?
  7. Ironic that the Taurus is in the "Import Section" but you are exporting the roof rack!
  8. Let me remind you of your initial post: The Savannah and E Series aren't commercial vehicles???
  9. HIDs in the G4 would have been pretty crazy too... I'm interested to see the answer to the sealed beam head lights question. I feel like I should know the answer...
  10. You know, I'm the LAST person in the world who would ever be a "cop wannabe" but I did think today when I put them on: "The coolest detective car at the police station" haha. Here it was last week before the caps:
  11. I don't think anyone debates that the Fusion and Mondeo aren't the same car... And I really share your love of wagons but I think what I have to say next might give you a coronary... I haven't been able to confirm this, but the Mondeo is sold in Latin and South America in hatch and wagon varieties. It would make logical sense that the cars sold in these markets are manufactured alongside the Fusion at the plant in Hermosillo. It wouldn't make sense to import Mondeos built in Europe. Imagine hatch backs and station wagons being assembled in the exact same plant where the Fusion is b
  12. Sadly there's less and less of us driving bulls now
  13. Actually yes, haha. A guy on a forum sent me a newer card that he had bought but didn't need. Are the newer phones you get free?
  14. Cool. Glad you got it "resolved". I on the other hand, am still wondering where in the hell my wheel is...
  15. Just stick in a new SD card to get updated maps on my car...
  16. I think people don't really know how it works just that their car has "wifi". So it's basically just a gimmick that the salesman can say to sound good.
  17. I don't get the in car Wifi thing either. It's just another stupid subscription service you have to pay for once the trial runs out. And it's not like you just get unlimited data or something. It's pretty expensive for even a basic plan. I don't really understand the point about the small MyFord touch screen though. An 8 inch screen is small?
  18. I knew it was a GM from the windshield wipers, ggrrrr! (Just kidding of course)
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