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  1. On 7/16/2018 at 12:27 AM, TaurusKev said:

    Nope, there is a separate Check Engine light, and it was burnt out. I ordered a few bulbs to replace the smaller burnt out bulbs, but this is what it looks like now: 


    I find it cool that Honda put some lights above for a nice glow above: 


    (This was bench tested, not installed in car)

    But the weirdest part, these look like Ford Part Numbers: 



    Doing a quick search for a Ford cluster, I was right: 


    Same style and everything :lol: 

    I kind of miss the old school clusters that were pitch black except for the numbers and needle. Really popped out at you. 

    Now clusters are so bright and got a million things being displayed at once.

    Same with ambient lights actually. I miss cruising on the highway at night with my old Tauruses and nothing but the button backlighting to light the cab. Crank the Phil Collins lol.

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  2. On 7/1/2018 at 10:12 PM, Thub said:

    The F150s A/C is kinda fussy like that. Its kinda lame and struggles to produce cold air when its just sitting still or driving slow but when your at cruising speed on the highway the A/C blows ice cold. Its almost obnoxious how loud the high speed cooling fan is on the F150 too, I don't understand how a fan that big roaring that fast can't move enough air over that huge opening but I guess it doesn't quite cut it.

    The fans on my Fusion are crazy loud too at idle but A/C works great.

  3. Normally I try to act mature and provide a reasoned explanation for my thoughts... After absorbing the initial shock, I thought "maybe if the Focus Active is a decent car I'll get that" (bargaining is one of the stages of grief lol), but after seeing this today:


    Focus Active Not Coming to Canada After All


    All I can say is... Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford, Fuck Ford.

    I've totally had it now.

  4. I hate to be "that guy" but I really have to say this...

    After it was announced in Ford's Q1 earnings report today that the Mustang and Focus Active will be the only passenger cars Ford will sell in the coming years, I'm done with Ford. I've only ever owned Fords and assumed I always would.

    After years of driving Tauruses, I was really disillusioned when they brought out the Fusion and killed the mid sized Taurus. But then the Fusion became a respectable car, so I bought one... I still love it. Mulally hit it right on the head with One Ford and bringing the much better European models over here. Figured I'd always drive a Fusion. Guess that's not going to be the case.

    It's astonishing how short sighted Ford has been. At the turn of the millennium, they were raking in the money with SUVs and pick ups and totally neglected their passenger car business. Gas prices rose and they practically went bankrupt. 20 years later and they are doing the exact same thing after they brought out some really good passenger cars. They sat on their laurels and left all the passenger cars on the vine to die with half assed warm over refreshes.

    Therefore, I'm done. There's a new Camry. There's a new Accord. There's a refreshed Mazda6. There's a new Jetta. New Altima coming too I think. All these other companies can make it work, so why not Ford? Clearly they are a family of incompetent buffoons. Yes, it's a public company, but the Ford family has a controlling stake in it. So I'm done. Lots of better cars out there yet I remained loyal to them for some reason.

    No longer.

  5. 20 hours ago, -chart- said:

    I'm bit old school so my Lin Cont just feels like it does it with such ease. My 17 year old grandson driving on permit notes this first time he drove it. Compared to the DOHC Sable he usually drives. I drove my son's new F-150 basic 3.5 with 6 speed. It was OK but I do not care for the constant shifting and lugging to get mpg. Guess I am just old.


    Wait till you try the 3.3 with 10 speed!

  6. 1 hour ago, Josh_GL_Limited said:

    Oh I've done something alright. Meet my new ride, a Lightning Blue Metallic 2017 Ford Fusion Sport AWD. 325HP, 380TQ. The car was on the lot for 162 days, so they discounted the price a bunch, and they were able to get me 0% APR! :D Dad is taking over the remainder of the loan on the Sable (it's not much) and Betty White is becoming my sister's car. :) 


    http://www.2gfusions.net/member.php?action=register&referrer=1392 :)

    Easily the best 2g Fusion forum there is.

  7. On 7/1/2017 at 1:23 PM, Thub said:

    Yah your right Eric, if only I had more space, time, and money.

    I had to beg a little but I finally got someone to take a picture of me with the two cars. For 15 years living in Wisconsin the whole time the Taurus still looks great too.



    Saw your post about selling your car and wanted to check her out.

  8. On 6/25/2017 at 8:08 PM, TaurusKev said:

    The Taurus LX transmission cooling line rusted through, so I did a quick replacement of that. I have decided I am going to clean and fix up the Taurus Wagon and attempt to sell it. I've seen much shittier cars sell, it has cold A/C, has warm heat, it has problems, but I've again seen worse for more. I think the distributor is failing, as it stalled out, and it was not sparking. I replaced the TFI module with a new Motorcraft when it began stalling out initially.

    I figure I would sell it with the picnic table removed. I would love to take the police speedometer out, but I threw my OEM one out... So I guess it is going with. Rear power windows are both dead, moon roof works. Brakes need a bit of work. But it's a beater. Should be able to get some handy person a reliable cheap car to get a year or two out of it. Perhaps more.

    Do you have other cars you could use those parts in? If not just sell it as is. Otherwise it will just sit in your garage for the next 10 years.

  9. On 6/8/2017 at 8:45 AM, Gentz said:

    Finally pulled the Garage queen out and got a new battery and oil change. She is going back to DD duty while the Explorer gets to sit in the garage. I need to get a stubby antenna so i don't have to remove it from the Explorer to make it fit. Either way my wife would never even attempt to pull it out because she is afraid of hitting the mirrors but still. 


    I am now working on getting the Sonata back to working order totally. A new flex pipe is getting ordered since the old one has a pin hole. Only thing that sucks you can't just order the pipe you have to order back to the cat. Luckily eBay has them for only 120. Which is shocking but I’ll take it. Nick has offered to find me some parts since there aren't any good junk yards around Pittsburgh. So I will be getting fog light bezels (missing), radio (screen is failing on the old one), Rear passenger taillight (at some point years ago it took on water and i had to clean it).  After that is just brakes and rotors in the rear especially the pads aren't touching the whole rotors in the rear.


    I did find the Auto Dim mirror with Home link that Sean and Dave got me at the October Meet. So i slapped that on but now need to figure out the wiring. There are four wires which initially confused me but this morning while showering i had an epiphany, one wire is for constant power for the Homelink, one is for switched auto dim, the other is reverse wire (who cares) and the last is ground. So once i find my wiring in the front sunroof/map light I should be good.  I wonder if my wife will notice this morning if anything is different. 



    But in 3 years we've put maybe 3000 miles on it.  Since I have only some time before baby number 2 comes I want to get some shit done.

    So the Explorer now sits until we need the space, the Sonata now gets driven 3-ish miles a day to my wife's work and back, and my Fusion gets the beating it deserves at around 12 miles a day.



    She noticed first thing this morning and called and asked if its been here for years and she never noticed. She said the mirror feels much closer haha. It is a lot more plastic around it.

    Seems like a silly place to put Homelink buttons. You'd always be moving the mirror whenever you pushed one of the buttons.

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