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  1. Yeah, TRS was my guess. This is almost exactly what was happening with mine after the swap when my sensor was bad
  2. Hi Ron! I first-hand know how frustrating that is. I assume you drive in overdrive most of the time like a normal person. Does it happen if you put it into just regular "D" as well? Try spraying some brake cleaner around the EGR port on the back of the intake while at idle, the O-ring that seals that was in VERY bad condition on mine the last time I pulled my intake
  3. Okay, but like what about the front and rear suspension and the axle. Cause like. I've got an itching to build a dope ass wagon From the TC I mean. By the way, is garys wagon still sitting out front? unrelated.
  4. See if you can drag the average MPGs as low as possible and piss the computer off
  5. Old man Nick will be yelling at us to get off his lawn in short order Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  6. Perfect Candidate. I wonder if the cheapest sleaziest ebay honda civic coil-overs will fit on it, cause it needs ALOT more low. And its a green 90s explorer, so best car ever
  7. by the time you pay someone, it would be cheaper if I just bought a tubing bender. And me, probably, would build le cage. But its kind-of a moot point, cause I feel like its not gonna have a rear end, or motor/trans, or front suspension. Cause those are the desirable bits from an 03+, which nick of course knows and is gonna put into that $600 white one that he probably bought #CrushTheFuckOutOfIt
  8. Can we PUHLEAZE cage the blue TC and 24 hours of lemons it?!?!
  9. ^I'm not doing that much work honestly. I changed the video to unlisted, so only people with the link can see it. Which is just this thread. Cause it does have a "clickbait" title
  10. You're not wrong. So be it, if iIve gotta take it down eventually, I will. Im just a nobody on the internet anyway so I don't see any problems happening. And more people here already watched it than I ever figured would, youtube is just the most convenient place to upload a 25+ minute long ramble about a shitty taurus
  11. lol at my spelling error. Cant win them all I guess. Nope I didn't get consent, but it was clearly visible on the windshield with the red light blinking, couldn't miss it
  12. Shot some video with my camera of them inspecting my red car. There's some confused looks and good commentary. Basically uncut, this is what happens when you take your car to a garage, which I only ever do once a year, for inspection.
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