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  1. The desire to do some serious roadkill shit with this in @TaurusKevs backyard with @Brian_05_SEL is overwhelming.
  2. I don't even know if its about the gains anymore. I don't think there's actually any to be had with the boat motor of a vulcan. But I couldn't let these parts go away, they were gonna get tossed in the bin if I didn't pick them up. The one set is brand new and never even been run. And if this doesn't work, im sure they will be fine collecting dust on my shelf until a 351W or a 302 rolls into my life as im sure it will eventually. They are the same parts after all
  3. I like those rounders They really make the car look a lot better. Now you better burn off whats left of the old tires with multiple neutral drops
  4. After much bumblefuckery around on the OTHER site, I believe these to be the "Fredness" kit. The dude who ran stuffforyourranger and rogueperformance websites for the rangers. Most of the info is over 10 years old, and all of the links are broken and all of the pictures are missing. "Build a taurus they said, it'll be fun they said" Sent from my Pocket Potato
  5. You can get a complete long block at the junkyard for like $300. And I'm not worried, pushrod engines are pretty hard to fuck up Sent from my Pocket Potato
  6. Literally ZERO confidence from the peanut gallery. Don't worry, there will be plenty of bent pushrods to go around!
  7. So, as it's me, and I'm never content with anything I do, it's time to attempt to add moar power to the vulcan't. Or die trying. I had the opportunity to buy two sets of rockers from the late "rudedog" from Tcca. These are crane 1.7 rockers with studs and guide plates. To avoid the headaches of morana and machining pedestal mount ones, this is the route I always wanted to take. These pictures are from a quick test fit I did today after saying "there ain't no way in hell this is gonna work" and it might work. I have to tap new threads into the head as these studs are an SAE thread and the vulcan is metric. I'll update this as we go. Sent from my Pocket Potato
  8. Drove it to the crusher...amiright?
  9. This fucking car. Always with the random misfire, I think it might be terminal. The only solution I can see is 3.2 Yamaha. Sent from my Pocket Potato
  10. Thanks for having us all Nick! And for letting us do hoodrat shit in your neighborhood
  11. I cut my Nick's meet visit to Saturday so I could play in the rain today! Sent from my Pocket Potato
  12. Generally speaking, if you make jokes like this, its evidence that you MIGHT be getting old
  13. Rogue photoshop bandits have hit that banner again

    1. Brian_05_SEL


      It's the pollen thing again. 

  14. I'll be there Saturday morning 9:30-10 something like that. Need me to bring anything?
  15. Oh wow, it is still red under all that pollen. Is it bad out your way Nick? Btw, also committing to being there Saturday Sent from my Pocket Potato