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  1. Some times it hesitates to come on first thing... sometimes it shuts off as soon as the door closes... sometimes it stays on a bit... surely not critical, but kinda aggravating. Ideas? Eric bergren Pasadena, CA.
  2. Hey, all, not sure this is right forum, but... ... Is there any way to up the output and temp of my '06 Taurus heater? I'm a tender-foot Californian and we're having temps in the 40s to 50's just now (yeah, I know, you hard-case Mid-Westerners, I'm whining over nothing) and I'd love a little more oomph, if you know what I mean. 'Any help? Many thanks, Eric B. Pasadena, CA.
  3. Dear Folks, I've had a '06 Taurus for about six months now (really really like it, save the poor gas mileage, but that's another question) and, what with the recent Time Shift, I'm doing more night driving and find the production headlights decidedly... dim. The plastics are pretty clean and clear, as are the reflecting surfaces within the lamps, at least as far as I can tell. What (DOT-legal and non-blinding-to-other-drivers) replacement bulbs might you recommend? Would I need new wiring of some kind, depending? Could it simply be a poor electrical connection? Thank you in adv
  4. Hey Folks, First of all, thank you for all the responses to the questions I've had about my '06 Taurus, 'Big Blue". 'Much appreciated, truly. So, I get the idea that the airbags CANNOT do their thing when the warning light is continuously on, as is mine. So, I'm less concerned about sudden, unexpected deployment - say, going over speed-bumps or train tracks - as I am about NOT HAVING AIRBAGS able to deploy in a real smack-clang-squeal-spin emergency. Apparently, I need to replace the Restraint/Supplemental Control Module and Crash Sensors, yes? Or no? Or what? Can anybody give
  5. Hey Folks! '06 Taurus w/91K. 'Runs great, smooth, quiet, 'very happy w/the car. But it had some minor front end damage - headlights broken, grill and hood rumpelled - that was all repaired before I bought it. However, on startup, after briefly showing the 'passenger airbag disabled' message (nobody in the seat, y'see), and I then get a 'Code 13' message, ('short to ground'), which then stays on. My Dependable Mechanic (who I think actually is one, and from whom I bought the car) suggests that the collision sensors might be damaged, wiring might be damaged, or that he might have mi
  6. Hey Folks, Going over speed bumps (and not speeding, mind you) I can hear the struts on all four corners compressing (a mild wheeze) and a rather louder ''Ker-Chunk!" from the left rear. Otherwise, Big Blue rides smoothly and silently on highway and street, steers straight, no vibrations or wandering. Just this big 'Ker-Chunk!' over speed bumps. Should I have this looked at? Thanks, bergreneric '
  7. Hey, folks, Suddenly, the dome light in my '06 Taurus refuses to turn off for a good hour or so after the doors are closed, even while in motion. Also, the other evening, the lighting behind the driver's side door lock and window buttons wouldn't come on, 'windows wouldn't work, and then... they did, but only after several minutes. I dread the thought of electrical problems. Of course. Any ideas, anybody? Thanks, Eric Bergren [email protected]
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