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  1. I dont know anymore When the dash began to act up it erased its memory. If i had to guess, its probably sitting around 61K By the way. Do you know if this ever was changed over to R-134? Planning on taking this for a week when we vacation on Lake Michigan and we have a friend that can recharge AC. Would be nice to have AC in this again!
  2. Update as of 2019. Our original intent to have the entire car painted is dead. I ended up purchasing a 1990 with no dents or rust and that is the perfect candidate for complete overhaul. Scarlet is, of course, still running the roads. Last year I took her on a nice long trip into the upper peninsula to Ontonagon, MI. About an 8 hour drive and it was smooth sailing the entire trip for 2 weeks. Was nice to have it out and about. This last year I revamped the basket wheels and had to repaint the bumper and trim. Too much had begun to flake off and was down to bare plastic. So, with the new
  3. https://centralmich.craigslist.org/cto/d/1990-ford-taurus/6669353809.html
  4. Fairly nice 1990 Ford Taurus located in Michigan Claims 79,956 Miles...700.00 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/662961700740417/
  5. Im quite astounded how well this car turned out with just a little water and a rag. Not a lick of rust or even a dent, not a bad find for 700!
  6. I'm thinking so. Made the decision just a minute ago to send them a message that I'll take it. Way too difficult to find one of these with NO dents, NO rust, and an undercarriage that looks brand new. Going to switch out the interior on my other 1990 that's been garaged for years and with that go to her final resting place. The inside of this car is destroyed beyond repair. They may not have the salt, but they have the sun out there and the entire dash has split in multiple places among other things.
  7. Finally put a new set of teeth on the 1987. Found a brand new lightbar for 50 bucks. Now that I have 2 of these lightbars in new condition I finally feel safe putting one on! lol!
  8. Hey guys, So, randomly searching craigslist I see a Gen 1 Sable marked "West coast car" about an hour from here. So, I check the listing and see a Gen 1 Sable advertised "rust free" and 700 bucks. Rust free in Michigan? Yeah right! So, I decided today to go take a peek at it. Sure enough, not a lick of rust. Not even one dent! Starts beautifully. Underside even still has the original factory paint. This would be an easy new paint job. The inside hasn't survived well, which is an easy fix for me. Apparently, the car was brought over from Idaho and never has witnessed a sal
  9. Its strange. We tested all the circuits and components. Everything was correct and all had correct amperage draw. Tested for grounding etc. Nothing. The shop manual had an extensive troubleshooting list on these all of which resulted in "Replace EIC" if everything else checks okay. The picture shows one of the many odd behaviors it had. It would consistently blink, ghost, beep, display codes, varying speeds, shut completely off. Sometimes it would operate but without any lights. Very erratic.
  10. Replaced the EIC and works like a dream. The gas/temp gauge also works again. Not sure what the issue was, but when the shop manual says "replace EIC" after every complication listed there must be no fix for these once they go out. Only problem is, I lost the true mileage. Once it started to fail it reset the car's mileage to only 56...hah.
  11. Converting to analog would be our next option if the digital replacement also fails.
  12. Well, pretty sure the EIC is shot. I cant even get it into self test mode. We've tested every diode, connection, and what have you and its all good. Strange. So, I had to order a used one. Hopefully there are no further problems. If it works, great! If not....back to the drawing board. It would be SO nice to know what speed I'm going I did manage to snag all NOS rear glass panels and tail lights as well!
  13. Its in relatively good shape still. However the rear quarter panels are starting to lose bottom trim due to rust beginning to weaken the panel. Its either attack the issue now or wait and possibly create more work later on. Were the panels coated without the side trim? At minimum the trim/bumpers need work due to fading, cracks, and scratches. The door jam issue is fine. We know how to professionally paint and have all of the equipment to do so along with complete body restoration. We have done a few other vehicles before so it would be completely dismantled and done top to bottom. I want
  14. Yeah, I went awol for a while, but I'm back! Hmmm, I did read somewhere that it could potentially be the speed sensor. We need to check the wiring diagram to see if that is a possibility. After much deliberation we've decided to go ahead and actually do a new paint job. Which means we will be attacking and ridding this car of rust once and for all....also means a lot of body work too My 90 hasn't been on the road in at least two years and has rusted pretty bad, so it will donate its parts to ensure long life to this one. Which leads to the question.....what color? I like the re
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