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  1. I've got a mach amp for sale if you need one. Reach me at [email protected]
  2. Congratulations Sean, a great choice for President! Devin, thank you for all the time and energy you put into setting up this club! I trust you will remain with us!
  3. Most of the problems with the electronic gauge clusters in the 2004-2007 models can be traced back to the battery. Are the connections clean along with the wiring? Wouldn't hurt to get the battery tested too..
  4. Bob Gervais was a good guy. I remember him as president and big supporter of the TCCA when I joined in August 04. May he rest in peace.
  5. Happy Birthday Chart, with many more to come!!
  6. Glad to hear that things worked out for you! Now you can have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
  7. Remember your car is going on 15 years old. How many miles are on it? The mileage would be a deciding factor for me! Check the front floorboards to make sure they haven't rusted through. Many Tauruses with rust issues have rotted floorboards!
  8. It's about time..... Welcome back!
  9. Nice work! We have an 04 SES Sport the same color. Changed to a silver guage cluster too!
  10. Congratulations, a sharp looking car!!
  11. Devin, a very sharp looking car. That color really pops! I knew you'd have to get another car after Sean got his cars!! We have to set up a Dearborn meet for Sandy.
  12. Happy Birthday Brian! Ah, to only be in my early 30's again!!
  13. Never realized how much higher the back of the Fusion is versus the Taurus!
  14. Our low here in MI this AM was 12 degrees but we didn't get any snow. High of 32 degrees today. Not a good temp to wash or wax the cars!!
  15. Sorry to hear about the snow, Chart and Sandy. Low 50's here in lower MI today. I'll take it!!
  16. Happy Birthday Sean! Hope you have a good one! I see you got your present early (your new wagon)!!
  17. If those Centenns were Nick's Select Premium Grade, they must have been Gerry's Ultra Superior Select Premuim Grade when Nick got em!!
  18. Nice to see that some of those parts are still being recycled!! Sean, those are ford oem ones too!
  19. Congrats Sean! I just ran across this post! Nice color and I hope to see him/her in person in the near future!! Ah, is it Rex Jr or is it going to have a female name??
  20. Must be nice! We have 12-14 inches of snow that just fell here in MI!!!
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