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  1. I'll post pics tomorrow of the problem area. I think this is one of the very first alternators they have ever made for a Taurus to be honest. They go off of specs from the stock alternator and engine specs. It was literally 1/8" or so that caused the problem. Little play time with the grinder fixed everything.
  2. Just to the argument part. I have seem a few Ford alternators fry with internal voltage regulators. My brothers 97 ranger just did recently actually. Luckily he had a voltage meter and noticed voltage jumping up to 15.x out of no where and replaced it but I do believe a dummy light would come on before it let voltage get dangerously high for any extended period of time. Also once the regulator completely fries I believe it just quits charging altogether. The case is fully "custom" as far as they make them and aren't rebuilt alternators. I actually had some issues with fitment since this was slightly large then the stock alternator. But I ave had great customer service from them getting it to fit properly. Even managed to get a phone call on a Saturday from them to see what was the problem so good customer service a huge plus when I buy anything from a company. And it wasn't cheap to say the least. But they do make a 390 amp alternator for our cars so that keeps future options available to get a bigger stereo if I would feel the need.
  3. Correct guys. I have a 270XP alternator from DC Power. Does 200amps of power at engine idle and over 270 above 1,500rpm. If i put a bigger pulley on it it would be really ******* the engine at idle.
  4. Kevin to the rescue! Exactly what I needed. Thanks!
  5. I have a new alternator with a slightly smaller pulley. The stock belt fits but slips like crazy with AC on. The alternator also has a much bigger load then the stock alt. I will likely go to one of the worthless auto parts stores and shoot one of the employees until they figure out what a belt is then once I get the right size forget it happened. Just hoping I don't have to go through all that. Lol.
  6. Hey guys. I'm in need of a new serpentine belt about 1/2" shorter then standard. I believe stock is 85 inches and I need one right around 84 1/2"s. I'm all over the interweb trying to find what I need but maybe someone more part swavy has a easier way to look?
  7. Lol! I know Brian. Thats on my list to do this summer. I'm busy for the next month atleast but maybe me and the lady can head up to chicago for a weekend since I've never been and meet up
  8. Thanks guys. Slowly getting better with fiberglass. Lol. It's a very nice skill to obtain but it's a pain getting it right.
  9. They just never got 100% complete. It was a really big project to take on for my first ever fiberglass project. They were pretty good I guess you could say but I was never happy with them no matter what I tried to finish them over the past 3-4-5 months. These speakers are way better then what I had anyways and it is a HUGE improvement. I've never heard live music and guitar solos sound so awesome with these. This is about the best that the last set ever got which the picture makes it look better. lol As you can see though there is no way to get a paint to match and look good without redoing the entire interior. I had 3-4 different colors custom made matching interior pieces and it just never came out the same. I'm really happy with the new ones though and will never go back to lower brand of speakers
  10. And no I'm not done with the sal pod yet in that first picture. Have some more sanding to so before I paint but ran out of time.
  11. Long story short. Over the winter I got really REALLY into car audio and just didn't get on here as much besides to just keep up in people and see what was new. Hopefully I'll be back around a little more now. Have to replace my heater core tomorrow so I'm sure I'll get lost. Lol. But back on topic! I know people used to ask and no one ever tried. My last door panels were entirely fiberglass from the middle down holding two sets of 6.5" component speakers. Managed to get a new direction going and am installing a set of Hertz HSK 163s now. A three way setup. But doing all this and customizing to install and aim the speakers as needed I wanted to keep the door simple since I missed having the pockets along the bottom. So here is how I got my 6.5" midbass on the door where that hole was always at staring at you not even on top ofthe actual speaker. 1/2" MDF(birch) ring in the outside. 3/4" MDF(birch) ring on the inside. 4 1-1/2" screws around each ring to sandwich them to the door and some 1-1/4" screws to hold the speakers and grab some more of the rear ring and you have a VERY solid speaker mount with improved output on the wood baffle. You could swing the door panel around holding the speaker hole now and they don't budge. I wrapped the outer ring in vinyl to give it a nice touch but you could paint or whatever if you cut the rings in perfect circles and it would probably look ok. Any who. Hope you like!
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