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  1. the hinge on my 2002 sable wagon rear window came apart and off the window, I think the previous owner had glued it and did a not so hot job. I've cleaned all the old glue off and now the parts fit together (plastic and glass) my question is what kind of glue should I use to glue the plastic and the window together? thanks for help slowmover 2002 sable gs+ base v-6
  2. Hi SoNic, thanks, I thought of that but after perusing the used car prices I decided to bite the bullet and fix her up. she's a really good car and everything works well, so home she stays slowmover
  3. Hi sonic, thanks but I've already replaced both sensors. I had a diagnostic run and it's the cat and they are pretty expensive here, between 5-600 dollars plus labor. it's a nice car but having to replace all of them is a little to much for me. anybody out of state want a nice wagon?
  4. just wondering how long these things last? my front one needs replacing at 153,564 miles and here in Ca. the standards are tough and there are 2 others how long will they last? slowmover 02sable wagon gs+ base V-6
  5. thanks to you guys, feel better now.
  6. ok, got a new o2 sensor but it had the stock # for an upstream sensor instead of a downstream sensor. the guy at o'rielly's said they are both the same and it makes no diff which one I get. however after installing it the cel goes off for awhile then comes back on. driven about 80 miles and the cel is still on. are they both the same or was he wrong and should I change it? thanks for help slowmove2002 sable gs smallv6
  7. got my diagnostic back, cel was on, and it says catalyst system eff. below par bank 2. I read bobbo's post and will try a downstream os2. also needs a gas cap, I know, easy fix, my question is are bosch sensors ok and will an after market gas cap be ok or should I go to dealers? O'Rielly's is closer. thanks for answer slowmover 2002 sable gs smallv6
  8. I hooked them up right so I guess it's a bad starter, thanks again
  9. thanks for the info. I think I hooked them up right but I'll change them and see what happens. been busy and haven't had a chance today, do it tomorrow. thanks again.
  10. I have a 2002 sable wagon gs small v6, got a starter motor from rock auto and installed it. when I connected the ground to the battery the starter motor just started turning over, no key was even in the ignition so I disconnected the ground. I got the key turned it on and connected the battery and the motor started, when I turned the key off the motor stopped but the starter motor kept running. I installed the motor just the way the old one came out, I'm not a mechanic but a pretty good parts changer I'm wondering if I did something wrong or I just got a bad starter. thanks for any help.
  11. I am replacing the high pressure line and need some information, autozone has 2 lines, one has both a switch port and noise suppression, the other has only noise suppression it costs 79.99 the other only 37.99. the hose on my car doesn't seem to have the switch port, with a 40.00 difference I'm wondering if it makes any difference witch one I use. would appreciate any help. thanks 2002 sable wagon base v6 150,000 miles. problem solved, thanks
  12. 2002 sable wagon gs Vulcan v6. ok, had a ps whine so I put in a new ps pump, same whine, I flushed the system and still the whine. just read 2002 taurus's issue and am wondering if that could be the problem, the belt I have looks good but made in mexico with no brand name. also, when I took the old pump off the (I think) 15 mm nut that goes into the larger one on the pump is, like. welded to the larger one and they both came off together rotating as if they were one nut, when I put them back there weren't any leaks but, I'm wondering if I should replace the high pressure line. any help will
  13. hi all, new to the forum, bought a 2002 sable wagon couple of weeks ago. everything seemed alright when I drove it, no leaks and ran great still runs great, however, when I start it in the morning the trans spits up thru the filler tube then doesn't until morning again. checked the relief rubber cap and it's loose but on and is loose. shifts fine and doesn't seem to have any other issues. thanks in advance for any help. thanks guys for suggestions, amazing it stopped spiting up. I'm not to familiar with cars in general (oil change mainly) but pretty handy with tools, many years ago tool
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