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  1. Just to let you know I did check and found that there is a Craft Shop at Ft. Bragg so that could come in really useful. Still haven't tried the additive procedure but I plan to in the future. Thanks!
  2. Ok that test sounds good maybe in september. The gauge I can manage, air compressors that I've seen are a bit expensive. But my husband's been wanting a compressor the last year, so when there's a little extra income in september he might be for the idea of getting one. I know I definitely wouldn't know how to install a new engine, at least not anytime soon. There's a military spouse certification funding program I'm going to try to get into and I had wanted to take mechanics classes. The problem is jobwise some IT courses would probably be better so I'm wavering on whether or not I can d
  3. I'm still learning about all of this as I go along. A problem with the rings, is that something that would require an engine rebore? Sounds like a financial disaster. Or at least something that would take a long time to save up for. Probably longer to convince my husband to let me do it. He's not quite as in love with my car as I am. I don't have a differential compression gauge, to be honest I'm not totally sure what it is but I will google it. Maybe something I could ask for for Christmas? I got the compression tester for my birthday so my best bet is Christmas to get anything else c
  4. Well the good news is, yes I did keep the accelerator floored during the tests. My other option (according to the directions on the test) was to prop open the throttle plates manually but Hayne's said I could just floor the accelerator so I went with that option. When I did the dry test I just did a regular test. Then on the "wet" test, I put 2 squirts of engine oil into each cylinder and did the test again. All of the cylinders went up somewhat (5-15 up), but cylinder 3 went up the most, from 120 to 140. The bad news is I forgot to label the spark plugs. I had masking tape and a pen all
  5. Heya, I put a similar post as this onto the old taurus site because I wanted to post the follow up I'd promised to the thread I already started before the changes came about, but I prefer this forum so I'm posting it here too. The background is I did my first code reader tests on my 1994 Taurus GL 3.0V6 with my new code reader and I got code 30 while the engine was running, which was supposed to indicate an issue with cylinder 3, issue unknown. So today I finally had a chance to do the compression test (changed the spark plugs and air filter while I was at it) and the results are that yes,
  6. Can you use a gen 2 (1994?) Unfortunately I just did front end repair work and it's not totally professional, slightly mismatched paint, new light's a little cloudy, hood doesn't sit perfectly. But I figure I'll throw it out there in case you don't have another '94 to look at.
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