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  1. If you know anybody looking for that Metra kit with the digital climate control, let me know. Still have it from my Sable sitting in a box on a shelf. iandmacdonald(at symbol)live.com -Mac
  2. Could you load my hardware ID into the extended release key site, and generate a key for me? I have not received my login info from the ForScan site yet. Please and thank you.
  3. That would have been the last mod I did to my Sable. U can really tell the difference! Oh well, it's gone now. It was a good car!
  4. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/222473190304
  5. I'm surprised you don't catch any slack for having your amber lights white . . . Btw, what kind of headlights are those?
  6. Not sure if the two are correlated, but I just replaced my pads and rotors after using ebay slotted/drilled proved to be defective (bad vibration during braking). Caliper bracket bolts were torqued to spec. Nothing is loose. Car in reverse, poppong noise from front left. Noise disappears when you turn the wheel all the way to one way (can't remember which way). Ideas? CV joint? I did the 6 & 12 o'clock test for the hub, and it seems pretty tight. Noise is non-existent in forward.
  7. I did a lot of research over the past few weeks after realizing I need struts all the way around. Car just broke 100k. Read end is sagging, and hitting bumps makes it evident that the springs are weak. So, I've found that it's either KYB or Monroe for the pre-packaged struts. Saw a posting regarding the cargo coils which had my attention until I saw Monroe sells the taxi package. So, I think that's what I'm settled on. One of the weird issues I came across is the terminology for the sway bar links. Some call them end links, other's stabilizer links, and others sway bar links. I figur
  8. Just saw this on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luqvjfCjYbA Will this work on my head unit with the cassette deck, and 6-disc changer in the console?
  9. LED bulbs all the way around (excluding headlight bulbs), LED light strips under the headlights, fog lights, Vector 440 radar detector.
  10. So, ran down to Detroit and grabbed a pair of foglights off an '02 Sable, as the PO installed a '00-03'bumper cover on mine. Got home to install them, and saw that the factory pigtail on mine does not plug into the 899 bulb socket. WTF? Ran to Advance to ask questions, and the dude did not recognize the bulb socket. It looks just like the 899 socket, however the female contacts are much closer together. We looked at all the foglight bulbs, and none seemed to match the pigtail connector. It's definitely a factory pigtail, as it goes up, and leads to a quick disconnect. Back to Detro
  11. dropped the tranny pan and changed the fluid and filter. Bought used key fobs and programmed them. Bought larger CCA battery. Cleaned MAF sensor.
  12. I went to the salvage yard today and bought used fobs. Worked great! Thanks, problem solved.
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