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  1. (1) Compressor was still in good shape. (2) Did drop sub frame. Glad I did, was much easier than I thought it would be. Hardest part was taking clutch off and back on. (3) Didn't need any special tools, only tricky part was keeping pulley still while I tighten on the last piece of assembly. Ended up using just an Allen key in hole wedged up under frame. The power of the internet and many good people, like Bull Geek, saved me plenty of money and regret. Thank you. Cars running good and ac is blowing cold.
  2. My ac clutch was making noise and eventually stopped engaging. Due to it malfunctioning it was blowing my idle control fuse. I replaced fuse and disconnected ac relay to get car runnable. Drove for two weeks with plans of replacing ac clutch. Before replacing ac clutch, clutch locked up and popped my serpentine belt. I have already purchased ac clutch and now new serpentine belt. My question is (1) is it possible that my ac compressor is still ok, even after the clutch pulley locked up and popped my belt? (2) can I replace clutch from the top, with out dropping the engine, with out removi
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