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  1. I am pretty sure that I need ball joints. Know I need tie rods and have the inner and outer ordered. I already replaced struts and stabilizer links. 2002 Taurus Wagon, U engine. If I buy the tool (on sale for $79) from harbor freight (http://www.harborfreight.com/ball-joint-service-kit-for-2wd-and-4wd-vehicles-60827.html) can I replace the ball joints without taking the knuckles off the car? Can I do it at all and is it work the effort on my part?
  2. 2002 Taurus Wagon U was giving me all kinds of tune up problem. Go through all of that and deciided a new belt woudl finish off the project. Put a new Dayco belt on and with in a day thought the engine was gonna jump out of the car. SQUEAL to the point I was embarrased to drive the car! Did some research and found that the Dayco belts are known to squeal, even new out of the box. Say multiple posts about Goodyear Gatorback belts (also sold under the brand name Continental). One problem, can't find ANYONE that sells them. Turned to Amazon and for $40, second day delivery, got the Gatorba
  3. Thank you for you posts. Still couldn't find anything on Google. Barely found a reference to this part. Here's what happened. Removed all the covers around it, the hose off the back and the temperature sensor (getting a new one because I broke it getting it off). Grabbed the part with channel locks and wiggled it right out. It was corroded, but did not break. hole was clean, looked great. The new one was snug. I had to take a broad flat screwdriver and with a light hammer was able to bang against the flange and tap it right in there. 200% easier than the nightmare I had going in my
  4. 2002 Ford Taurus SEL Wagon. The latest issues is a coolant leak on the top of the engine on the right, by the thermostat and the Temperature Sensor. There is a metal tube that connects the overflow hoses that go back to the reservoir to the manifold. It is metal and makes a 90 degree bend toward the back of the engine. It has corroded and has a leak. I can see in the Ford Parts list that it is sold separately. #1F1E 8N030-BA It has a flange that is pressed right up against the manifold. I am wondering how I get it off the manifold? Do I have to take the manifold off? I'll ke
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