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  1. 86,000 Mile tuneup, doing an oil change and trans pan and filter drop.
  2. Planning on doing a trans pan drop and filter change, obviously I won't get all the fluid out but just wondering how many qts of merc v I should pick up? AX4S.
  3. Hey Friends, Cant wait to meet you guys at carlisle. So my friend has access to Ford OASIS vehicle information. It appears that my VIN has had the recall done for the front coil springs, and an odd one. Recall 00B51B "Rear lube Tube" replaced. Does anyone have any information on this? Are there any other recalls to be concerned about?
  4. really wish this dreary weather would clear up

  5. maybe someone else on the site has a write up, but I disconnected the hose atop the water pump and the other side where it meets near the coolant temperature sensor. I plugged up the bypass hose with a pair of vise grips so all the garden hose water was forced throughout the heater core. Now I get 100% heat the whole time I drive. Enough to make you sweat. I had the intermittent heat issue before I flushed it. Lots and lots of brown rusty water came out.
  6. I would agree. Heater core can be flushed with a garden hose. My heat works beautifully.
  7. Also, TPS wouldn't work and not work inermittantly. I wouldn't worry about that.
  8. yeah. Vulcans are very very rare to have a head gasket leak so I highly doubt there's any coolant oil mixure. The oil on the dipstick would represent this.
  9. I think you are into something. Since a lot of Vulcans do this. OP, how does your oil look? Anything look like a chocolate milkshake? That would indicate coolant leaking into the cylinder and past the rings.
  10. Where in NJ are you located roughly? Have you had the car smoke tested?
  11. Could possibly be vacuum leak. What brand IAC did you replace with? I has the exact issue until I changed my IAC to a brand new BWD part.
  12. Hand wash and wax with Dub wash and Mothers California Gold cleaner wax. She shines like a star now! Also changed IAC as preventative maintenance for my random stall issue. Seems like the internal lube dried up inside the piston. $33 from work. Borg Warner (BWD) part. I trust them not Dorman.
  13. Seems to have went away for now. Thanks guys. Weird issue.
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