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  1. I've been leaving the cap loose so no pressure is built up to force coolant out. It still looses coolant. I'll check the tank for cracks as soon as I get a chance to. Been busy lately. Danford1
  2. Yes, Vulcan. Isn't the timing chain cover gasket a pain in the butt to change? Danford1
  3. I have a 2003 Taurus with 3.0L engine and it has a slow coolant leak I can't find. I looked around and can see wetness here and there but no leak. I add about 1" of coolant every few days. Not a big leak but an annoying leak. Sometimes i see wetness on the ground, passenger side toward the front area of engine. From what I can see the radiator isn't leaking. What are the commom things or areas that leak? Thanks Danford1
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