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  1. Swapped out the battery and cleaned up the terminals with no results. I forgot to clean up the other connection on the positive terminal (lead on top of connector) so i will do that tomorrow. This morning I had my gauged for a bit so i tried to go into the engineering test mode. just as i was about to run the gauge test it cut out again. Any other ideas of what it could be? I'm lead to believe it is a bad ground somewhere, but don't know where to start.
  2. I have a 2005 Sable LS Premium with 55,000 miles on it. Last December my car battery completely died and I was jump started. After the jump, i have had issues with my cluster. The first time the problem happened my gauges went down to zero and back up. Since then it has gotten worse. I now no longer have gauges 95% of the time. The Air Bag light is continuously on, blinker and cruse lights work, but the message center and all other lights are dead when the gauges don't work. When the gauges do work, the CEL comes on (was never on before, and when I scan i get no results, except for fuel le
  3. What are the 40k mile maintainance checks? 2005 Sable LS Premium Duratec
  4. Hit 40,000! Too bad it was while driving 70 through a fresh 2" of snow getting dad to the ER
  5. Wow..... Someone that knows where Chisholm is! I'm from Buhl haha
  6. I live up on the Iron Range. About an hour south of Canada.
  7. Been a while since I updated.... Sable has been running great, I've put 13,000 miles on it since last April and it was out of commission for 2 months (slow body shop). So now it has a whopping 40,000 on it. The Good: -2 Factory Remote Start fobs programmed. Pretty awesome to have for the brutal MN winters. -1 New Key, bought the car with 1 key, it's nice to have a second set laying around "just incase" -Thinking about a new exhaust or 3rd cat delete..... I just want a little rumble. The Bad: -Getting the dogleg rust..... Even washing once a week isn't good enough up here......
  8. Just using the button if I closed it from the angled up position it was noisy, but from the sliding it was fine, now I have to mess with it for a while to get it "closed"
  9. So it's cold here, but my sunroof was making a lot of mouse so I went to adjust it and all I heard was a loud pop..... It still. Moves, but when the sunroof should be closed, it is about 2 inches open, and when it should be at full tilt it is only at about half.... Anyone know how to fix this?
  10. It sounds pretty good... Still doing a little adjusting with the levels but I think I'm done with mods for a while now
  11. Exactly 10" Rockford-Fosgate Punch Is in. I'm going to rewire it as soon as I can get it up and find one of those grommets
  12. Not the case for mine. I Haven't had the chance to look under my ignition yet
  13. Spoiler is on and amp is wired in. Sub will be connected tomorrow. I ended up running the power cable along the fender and through the door as my buddy and I couldn't find anywhere to wire through the firewall. I think I installed the LOC correctly, I put it in the middle of my 2 rear speakers and wired it to the + and - terminals on the 6x9 on each size. Anyone have more feedback on that? I just wrapped the exposed wire around the terminals but I plan on having it soldered this week as long as I did it right
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