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  1. OK. Not the answer I wanted, but at least I do have a button to play with
  2. Funny, Kev. I'm trying to avoid having to hit the off button every time. I do dissable it EVERY time I leave the range
  3. Well, I was leaving the rifle range today. Gravel drive meeting the outside edge of a blind hairpin highway. I have limited sight both directions. I see nothing coming, so start out. Then see a car coming from my right. I'm already commited so I floor it. Tires spin, track control kicks the throttle off, and I sit there hearing his horn, and seeing his grill (he stopped). It felt like 5 seconds (minutes?) before it started to accelerate. So, anyone know how to dissable the traction control?
  4. I used to see the Brembo rotors and ebc green stuff pads being the hot ticket. Now I have a gen 4.5. Cannot locate brembo's anywhere for it. Anyone use the EBC rotors? I want OE style, not drilled/slotted. EBC greens I can find. Car is used for freeway commuting, and asshole avoidance.
  5. Usually, is says siezed vehicle (like the Z-350). This is put up by the Washington State Patrol. Maybe undercover or pusuit? Mine was owned by the Gambling Commission.
  6. Washington State is selling a 96 SHO. http://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/state,wa/auction/view?auc=538505 Just a FYI, I know nothing about this car, just saw it listed (I bought my 2005 here last year). Surplus is no longer near where I live, so I cannot check it out. As a side note, they list ALL vehicles as "fair" unless it is junk, then poor.
  7. Taurus and Sable gen 4.5 use the same 4 styles????? Anyone going to a yard soon?
  8. No new water on the floor. Still feeling moisture under the seat area, so I pulled the seat and rolled the carpet back to dry out
  9. well, I just went out to look at mine. At the bottom corner I see the 5 numbers, above that some ford numbers, way at the top.....something. Can't see it. Anyone have pix of one?
  10. How easy are these to locate in a bone yard? Do you have to pull it out to see what kind it is? What options are on the High/no DRL? (I don't like DRL because I run HL on all the time, and can't blink the HL off when entering work past the guards)
  11. I have the 4 factory wheel covers, They have fake plastic lug nuts that thread onto the outside of the steel lug nut. That is what holds them onto the wheel. Like this: http://partimages.genpt.com/partimages/416909.jpg
  12. I'm looking for 20 lug nuts that also have the external threads to hold the hub caps. The winter tires just look naked.
  13. I removed the cover on the passenger side A pillar (the windshield post) and there is a 7 wire plug there. Would this be for the rear auto dimming mirror? There is a 3 wire plug next to it that goes to the dome light.
  14. On this 05, I was unable to remove the cabin filter cover. Were these already installed when the car was painted? I was able to remove them on my 97, 99, and moms 2000.
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