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  1. 1999 Ford Taurus All of my turn signals work with the blinker, but only turn signals on the left flash when I turn my emergency flashers on. Yes, it is the month that the car is supposed to be inspected. Lol
  2. Finally replaced the drivers side mirror this weekend. It's no longer screwed in with a self tapping screw. I can see the driver's side mirror now. Woohoo There are no tweeters behind the speaker covers on the front windows. Damned ford! I suppose I will add that to my list of 'to do's'. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. The answer is yes. The plugs for the radios changed between 1997 and 1999. I just grabbed a radio with a tape player from the junkyard. It has the controls for the CD changer too. I would like to do the mod to get the aux on the tape player. That would be awesome if I could use the wires for the CD changer from the radio to do the aux mod (because I have no intention of putting a CD changer in this car. The radio with the tape deck set me back a whopping $32 from the boneyard. I suppose I could put my old radio on ebay to recoup my losses. lol :dancingbanana: The following questi
  4. Bought new by the state of Louisiana, eh? She probably got it for $600 at the state auction. lol Skip the middle man and go to the state auction yourself. It is open to the public. Linky
  5. Ipod vs..... I am a member of anythingbutipod.com lol Windows? Give me back my XP and protect it from malware, spyware, trogans and virus Microsoft Office? Not necessary, but I still use FrontPage mainly bc I am a creature of habit. Internet Explorer? hell no. Give me Firefox with greasemonkey and adblock plus @ Sandy I use OpenOffice at home. But if you like the look and feel of Microsoft Office, you might want to check out MS Office Online
  6. Cluster pic... I have not swapped the tanks yet so disregard the full tank with 324 miles. I still need to get the tank out of the Blue Bull.
  7. http://www.autogator.com/details.php?vstockno=R8841&template=partscar CSI Year, Make & Model 1999 Ford Taurus Vehicle Trim Level LX Stock Number R8841 Engine Size / Cylinders 3.00 Liters / 6 Cylinders Transmission Automatic Mileage 56436 Fuel Type Gas Drivetrain FWD Ext. Color / Int. Color White (Color code WT) / Grey (Color code 22) Wheel Size 15 Inch
  8. The instrument cluster in the white Taurus already has the gray trim in it. (I pulled the gray trim from a Sable and put it in the Blue Bull... but no transplant necessary here. I already have the gray trim in the white Taurus.) Is the grab handle on the 99 Taurus smaller than the grab handle in the 97 on the passenger front? Were they deleted in 99? There are holes in the body in the roof of the car, but the grab handle for the 97 is too large (too long) to fit in the holes of the 99. Did the plugs on the radio/tape player change from 97 to 99? I have a radio in the 99. Thought
  9. I tinkered with the white tuarus today. I transplanted the woodgrain dash, alarm, and grab handles from the Blue Bull to the white taurus. Also changed the serpentine belt. I still want the windows tinted. So that might come next. It the gas guage is wanky so I still need to transplant the gas tank from the blue bull to the white taurus. I do have a transmission cooler from a SHO in the shop that I can put on the white taurus.
  10. Follow up on first post: Girlfriend :poof: Yup, it's a block heater. I changed the oil a while back and spied a transmission cooler, too. Very interesting that the state purchased a Taurus with a block heater and transmission cooler. Saves me from sticking a transmission cooler in there. We're in South Louisiana... a transmission cooler makes sense. But a block heater in South Louisiana? Ain't nobody got no time for that. lol !
  11. Need to change the serpentine belt on the white taurus. Still need to transplant the gas tank from the blue bull to the white taurus. Left hand mirror on white taurus needs to be replaced.
  12. My dad had a 77 f150. My mom had a Torino Sport, then had a gran Torino elite. My first car was a ford EXP. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I've been reading on tintdude.com and it turns out that pro tinters hate the 96-99 Taurus due to that oval glass in the back. It is challenging even for pro tinters. There is some discussion of removing the back deck to really get in there... and how to deal with the round glass, and the dot matrix around the glass. I can tell how they dealt with the dot matrix around the glass on the Blue Bull: they used black vinyl instead of dealing with tinting it. They blacked out the dot matrix so it became a non-issue. Hopefully the homework I've done helps some... but I see I have my work cut out
  14. Procrastination is a mo fo. The tint I bought is darker than the law allows here, so it has been a bit of a deterrent for me to put the tint on. I will post pics once I get it on.
  15. Beating down the door of 150K right now on the white bull
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