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  1. Jeff, you are absolutely right. Repair costs surely play a decision role but also the sentimental value about good (or bad) past experiences you had with the vehicle. I am just looking for some kind of metric to justify a new car, that I don't really want at this time, as weird as that sounds... Common sense tells, that you can't have a car forever (rare exceptions for car gurus who can rebuild everything may apply). Even if you love your car almost as much as your wife, at some point you have to part from it, so better make it short and less painful? Most people here say: "The car doesn't owe
  2. I just had a chat with my Ford mechanic friend. An original new Ford sub frame is in the $1000 range + 8 hours labor + whatever breaks or is being discovered to be fixed while changing the sub frame. I think that's more than the blue-book value of the car. He said that the inner rocker panels are ok, but the outer ones under the doors are pretty much gone. He couldn't give an estimate on fixing that, which would probably almost be a body "re-build". I guess I will have to bite the bullet and get it retired eventually... Greetings Lutz
  3. Hi chart, thanks, that's how mine looks like on the passenger side, the rust hole is not as close to the eye. As well, mine seems stable for the moment as well, but for how long? What do you think will be early signs of breakage before total failure? I am just scared that it might cause an accident when e.g. the whole arm breaks off without warning... Regards Lutz
  4. Dear fellow Taurus owners: For almost 14 years I own a 2001 Taurus SE Wagon (after owning its 1989 predecessor for 12 years / 450000 km's). Besides a few of the most common problems discussed in the forum here, I had never any big problem with my Taurus, that now has only 175000 Km's but has always been parked outside (Ontario). During a recent road side repair (it was just the replacement of the crank sensor), the non-Ford Garage mechanic told me, that heavy rust might compromise structural stability. The rest of the car is in great shape. It had been rust treated until 2011 in a 2 year cycl
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