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  1. Wow, great input, love all the discussion. Thanks. We looked at the Flex when it first came out. Way too enormous, it was bigger than some NYC apartments I've been in! The reason I don't particularly care for SUVs is because they are so huge and they usually ride and handle more like a truck. I love wagons because they truly are cars. My mother thinks I should send the wagon to Vegas and have someone totally re-do it. She watches too much tv, I think. lol
  2. Saw pictures of someone who had fixed it that way & passed them on to hubby. Chances are, I am the "handy" one in the house who would end up doing the repair.
  3. Hofstra (here on LI, so not a long drive, usually under an hour). Hubby goes up to Westport once a week (drives around rather than take the ferry, says it takes just as long and costs less), our son is accompanying him while on summer break as he has an unpaid internship in the same area. #MaleBondingLOL But hubby makes the trip every week anyway. Yesterday, my son managed to knock the glove box off its hinge. So now one more repair *sigh*.
  4. Hubby doesn't need the GPS, he's also a gentleman, thinking I should be driving the newer car. I also use the phone synch occasionally. Garmin does not work for that. Would rather save the money toward the replacement car.
  5. Around here we are leery of getting a used car. So much was damaged here with Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Hurricane Irene in 2011, a week ago we had over a foot of water come down in 4 hours! Not sure that Carfax would identify only "slightly damaged" cars. So we are pretty much stuck with new.
  6. We have the 2008 Sedan, which has 30K miles and is like new. But I need to use it as reliable transport on the same days that hubby needs to go to CT. I might have to drive up to 50 miles and need the GPS which the 2003 does not have. The Outback is a possibility, but the amount of space in the back would not accommodate the snow blower. Or most of the other stuff we periodically haul (like the college trip). Thus, we have looked at the 2 Subaru SUVs.
  7. Life would be so easy if Ford still made a wagon! Our 2003 Sable wagon needs to make a reliable 300 mile trip once a week every week from Long Island to Connecticut. It has 70K miles (it was driven for many years just back and forth to the train station) and has been well cared for. We are not mechanically inclined, and my mechanic has recently retired. The car has little issues periodically, a strange electrical issue that took 2 years to sort out (and was finally solved by re-programming the computer @ Ford repair). Today we have to deal with the hood latch failing and the glove box brea
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