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  1. I know its a little late to reply to the original poster about this problem but for others who are having similar issues you will be surprised to find out how I solved the same problem. I was having problems with intermittent starting where the car starter would not turn over. I had the battery checked, replaced the starter, checked the fuses and the fuse box for corroison and all the other things that were suggested. It turn out to be a relay, the pcm power relay to be specific. Relay number 31 in the owners guide for a 2000 Taurus. Interestingly the same relay went again on me yesterday and my car would start but not shift out of park, after the usual checks I tried swaping the relay and guess what the car would shift and I have had no problems since. Now I just need to figure out what is causing the relay to malfunction. Thinking a short, bad ground, or pcm is on its way out.
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