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  1. Thanks for the replies, good people! I have been driving Sables & Tauruses since thier conception in 1986. I will admit have driven Dodge Grand Caravans along the way also. I finally got tired of having to put up with some of the worst tannys ever put in a consumer vehicle. They were awful! Especially in cold weather. Living in Fargo, ND, I could really tell you some horror stories. The worse part was that Chrysler knew the problem with them & continued to keep pumping them out for at least 12 years without changing or fixing them. Led to a Class Action Lawsuit by buyers, but I
  2. Just wanted to put a shout-out "Hello" to all the other members of this Taurus/Sable Owners Forum & share my families latest "Surprise". Plus, I had been looking for a good Taurus/Sable Fo.Mo.Co. Owners Forum & after perusing a few, chose this one. After being given a 2002 Mercury Sable GS, by a very (unnamed) charitable relatative, I am counting my blessings! Just a small intro, if interested or just bored....LOL: I have been disabled going on 8 years now & my wife is waiting for knee replacement surgery. My family (including 10-year old twins) have really been experie
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