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  1. Cleaned and detailed it, drove it, and put fuel in it for my wife.
  2. Well I got the second key no so I'm just going to have to live with that. No joke I'm going to have to reorder one from Ford or somewhere. My wife has downloaded the online version but I still prefer to have one in hand in the car at all times.
  3. I will say the Goodyear Eagles are great so far, alot of negative reviews on Tire Rack but so far so good. Also got the second key from the dealership yesterday so now I have my own key. Also a wild hair one night when my wife asked me how come I knew it wasn't all wheel drive. Took off traction control and let er rip, I was grinning.
  4. It was for Autobots for the Decepticons they used a Saleen Mustang. Although I have to admit this is one of my dream trucks!
  5. Interior shots poor quality and lighting in my part. Oh she is liking it now more and is fond of it. After two days of driving it I knew she would come around and while I'm still looking for a Suburban for her I know she has a safe and reliable vehicle now.
  6. After three months of looking at Suburban and JKU we pulled the trigger on a 2012 Taurus Limited. Here is a little background my wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in July and before that we were both looking for a SUV for her and the kids. I traveled all over east Tennessee and north Georgia. She flip flopped back and forth between a Chevy Suburban or Jeep Wrangler Unlimited aka JKU. Well Wednesday we woke up to the 95 wagon leaking transmission fluid all over the driveway and the Tundra needing a tire. Went to three more dealerships and no luck, last stop was our local Ford dealers
  7. Put fuel in the 2012 and about to add transmission fluid to get the 1995 wagon to the shop.
  8. I line your mod and am thinking my wife will need this on hers.
  9. I like the Transformers reference, my kids and I all watch the movies often on family movie night.
  10. This is sad news I just got my wife a 2012 Limited for our 10th.
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